Online or In Stores? Which do you prefer?

Its that time of year again. We will be starting to shop for the holidays (if we haven’t already!) and the madness will ensue. Stores will be filled with people, sales, and so many gift lists that we won’t know what to do with ourselves. Oh the joys! As a Thrifty Mom, I am always trying to decide whether it is best to shop online or in stores. Will I save money just sitting at home on a computer and not wasting my gas (or dealing with the stress of PEOPLE!) Or will I only score those amazing deals by actually stepping foot into stores to shop. In the end, I think online wins out for me.

shop online

Its not that I save THAT much more money online because in reality I probably don’t. But I save my sanity, my gas, and I can do it more secretively than I can if I have to leave the house and find a baby sitter or try to shop WITH my little one. I can search online for the best deals, look for free shipping options (I LOVE Amazon prime!), and even know when my items will be arriving at the house since I have tracking apps for all the major delivery companies. I can ensure the kids are busy with friends so that I can hide boxes the day the items arrive. And since I always have boxes of stuff delivered, they think nothing of me leaving it in a box until I can make it vanish the next time they leave the house. It really works out extremely well!

There are times that I find a deal that’s too good to pass up and I have to go to a store. And other times I am just lucky and happen to spot an amazing mark down while grocery shopping and it makes me wonder if I spent more time IN a store if I would find even more. But then I tell myself nah…. sit behind your computer screen and click away! Everything I could need is online and can be hand delivered to me! Heck I could even shop around for loans online with companies like SwiftMoney and have actual money in my hand if I needed it. Why get out of my pajamas and drive into the chaos of stores during the holidays? Black Friday is coming you say?  Nope… You can find me spending my money on cyber Monday! What about you? Am I the only one who hates shopping in stores this time of year??

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