Thrifty Mom’s Favorite Holiday Gift-Giving Traditions

christmas pajamas

When it comes to holiday traditions, many families have so many that have been passed down over time they can’t keep up anymore. From secret santa to decorating on Thanksgiving night to that crazy Elf sitting on a shelf watching every move you make. We never did much of that growing up in a small family. My step family did many of those, but at home once it was just mom and I, we just did our thing. Now that i have my own children, I wanted something special. Not just a normal tradition. I wanted a gifting tradition that could be fun, useful, and carry on through the years. It took me a bit to decide on one, but it has been a hit ever since. Well, I guess we should say two… Our first holiday gift giving tradition is Christmas Pajamas. Each year, i go out and buy … read more


Tips for trying to conceive

The holidays are upon us. A time for joy and cheer, gifts, and time with loved ones. However, for some, it can be just another nightmare. Another reminder of the child you WANT to be buying for, but can’t because you are experiencing infertility. Another time you just want to shut out the world and pretend the holidays aren’t here. I should know, I went through it, multiple times. Sometimes it is a health issue and others there are simple thing s you can do to tweak your lifestyle and maybe, just maybe, by next year, you will be hitting those black Friday sales while your spouse is watching a sleeping baby. Are you looking for some quick things you can do to boost your fertility right now? You’ve come to the right place. First of all, give your diet a kick in the pants, and remove all processed foods, … read more

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Bluebee Pals Loveable Bluetooth Buddy- HGG


Disclaimer:This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Kayle Concepts and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own Bluetooth… it’s one of those things you either loved or hate for the most part. Until recently, I wasn’t that big on it. I’m not fond of watching people look like they are talking to themselves while on phone calls. It was just silly. Then I started seeing Bluetooth speakers. Cool, but I typically listen to the radio… on a radio…. not on my phones and devices.. But now, we have Bluebee. And all of that has changed. Bluebee is a super cute,plush animal, that utilizes Bluetooth in a whole new way that is so fun! For starters, it is available in multiple animals, You can choose from the lion, bear, lamb, puppy, or the zebra. (The Bluebee Pals puppy is available at Toys ‘R Us, the others are available … read more

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It’s #HintingSeason.. Hey Husband, I Want a Camera from Best Buy!

DI multi Nikon D5300

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. I am one of those people who really suck at deciding on what to ask for for Christmas. I mean, there are a million things I see and like but I am too practical (and OCD) to collect a house full of things I don’t REALLY need. So, when Christmas comes around and everyone is dropping hints on what they want, I pretty much remain quiet. I appreciate anything, but don’t ask for anything. Normally…. this year, I have only thought about one item I could truly use and that is a new camera. With all this blogging, its about time I invest in a REAL camera. My cell phone takes nice photos, but I am starting to yearn for more features and to take my … read more

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Capture those #ChristmasTown Memories with PhotoKey!


Disclosure: As a Busch Gardens blogger with Mom Central, I had the chance to attend the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Preview event with my family. All opinions are my own! Over the weekend, I wrote about my amazing experience at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town. We had such a blast! Of course I felt the need to take a million photos of our experience, kids, lights…. but there was something missing from those photos… ME! That seems to be a common theme with moms. We are always on the taking end of the photos and before we know it we have albums of “family photos” that don’t include us! Sure you can try “selfies” but yeah, we know those are lame! I was so excited to see Busch Gardens offer a new solution to combat this! And just in time for Christmas Town, where we NEED to be in on those photos! … read more

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