LumenX mountable bicycle headlight

lumenex bike light 2

My step son is 11. It is one of those cray ages. They want to be grown but you still want them to be a child… and the battle ensues. They want later bedtimes, later time allowed outside, more freedom in general. But mom’s always want to hold back. He loves to ride his bike. I have slowly allowed more freedom as to WHERE he is allowed to ride, but now it is the when. I know he hates the heat of the day and prefers to be out later, but I am not to confident in the drivers around here watching for kids on bikes once the sun starts to set. Not to mention he had nothing more than the typical small, reflective red thing on his bike (what are those even called?!) We recently had the chance to review the LumenX Mountable Bicycle Headlight and we may be … read more

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The Young Scientists Club, Clifford Animal Science Kit

clifford animal science

As a stay at home mom, I always strive to teach my son as much as I can. I know he needs to learn so many things before he starts school and if I am not going to put him in preschool, I need to make sure he learns those things. So we put a lot of emphasis on making sure to learn something new every day. He is so young that his brain just absorbs everything! We have truly come to love the products offer by the Young Scientists Club. Their mission is to combine fun and learning to teach young children about the amazing world of science. And in our house, they have done just that. A few weeks ago we had a blast with food experiments with the Clifford Food Science Kit. We recently received another Clifford science kit and love it just as much! The Clifford … read more

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bobuCuisine Peeler Set

vegetable peeler

I have recently become pretty addicted to kitchen gadgets. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I have much more time to do things in the kitchen. Before now, I mainly had the basics. And a lot of the basics I had were just cheap, dollar store versions that didn’t work that great or broke easily, but I used so little that I was ok with it. Not now! I need products that will last. My vegetable peeler is one of the products I have battled with. The blades on the cheap ones go so quickly! I just can’t peel my vegetables and fruits with a knife (I am not one to trust with knives!) so I keep a peeler on hand. I just thought they all dull in no time. I was recently given the chance to review bobuCuisines peeler set and wanted to give it a … read more

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Green Hulk Smoothie with Fresh Fruit & Veggies!

green smoothie

One of my favorite things about the summer is perfectly ripe, fresh fruit! I know you can buy most fruit all year long, but there is just something perfect about it in the summer! Another thing I love is a delicious, cold smoothie on a hot and humid morning. Even better? Tricking your kids into enjoying an amazingly healthy smoothie chock full of vitamins and minerals of every kind and them thinking it is the most delicious thing ever! My 11 year old even said “You can make this every morning and I will drink it!” (he had no idea it had veggies in it when this picture was taken!) We decided to call this the “Green Hulk Smoothie” because of course it is green and he says it will make you big and string like the hulk if you drink this healthy drink daily!  I love that I was … read more

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Tyler’s Coffee- USDA Organic and acid free!

tylers coffee

I am a coffee addict. I can’t get my day going without it. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who can not handle the acidity of coffee. Before I am almost done my first cup I have an upset stomach. It’s a great tool to keep me regular I guess, but if I am ever running late I have to skip coffee and be groggy all day to avoid stomach issues while I am out. I didn’t think there could be a cure. I mean coffee is coffee right? I got the chance to review Tyler’s Coffee recently and that idea is out the window. Tyler’s Coffee is organic, acid free coffee. Created from the highest quality mexican beans and put through a unique “z-roasting” process is said to create a bold flavor while removing the acidity of the bean. So how was it? Well, I was rather disappointed … read more

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