Let Church’s Chicken Be Your Next Meal!


Sometimes, cooking is just not on the top of my daily plans. I try to make as many home cooked meals as possible, but everyone needs a break sometimes! In those times, Church’s Chicken can be a girl’s best friend! Crispy chicken with perfect amounts of seasoning, delicious biscuits, and mouth watering sides… it’s OK to take a break from the kitchen when someone else can offer that home cooked taste you crave! As a child, I remember mom picking up Church’s Chicken a few times a month. It was one of my absolute favorite meals. I have since moved away from my home town and no longer have a Church’s Chicken near, but boy I wish I did! I have never found a restaurant that beats their spicy chicken and I can only wish I could make their honey biscuits! While I don’t have one near, my loss is … read more


Shimmer and Shine Come to DVD February 2!

shimmer and shine

Nickelodeon always seems to be a big hit in my house. Every time a new show comes out, my four year old is yelling for me to find out when, what time, record it on DVR so he doesn’t miss it.  And then for weeks he asks to find it on On Demand so he can watch it (or buy it on DVD if he knows it is out) He recently got a surprise when a copy of the brand new Shimmer and Shine DVD showed up in our mailbox! He absolutely LOVES this show. I think it has something to d with the song at the beginning. It IS very catchy! He has been waiting for this for a while. If you haven’t seen the show yet, or have a little one who is genie obsessed make sure to check out Shimmer and Shine’s first ever DVD to be … read more

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Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza and Fun Giveaway!


  So, what’s the big deal about Chuck E Cheese, right? I mean, all they are is another commercial pizza chain, right? Wrong. Just recently, Chuck’s famous pizza has had a complete and total makeover. I will admit – when I used to go to CEC as a young’in I remember the pizza being the least of what I looked forward to. Then I noticed the change in pizza in the recent years, and have completely been looking forward to the pizza, as well as the wonderful environment! Check out this awesome video about how Chuck E Cheese’s new and improved recipe has made everyone love Chuck more than before, even the hard to please New York City! Go ahead and hit the share button while you’re at it. Want a chance to win a Chuck A prize pack, including a coupon for free pizza, 30 tokens, 4 drinks and … read more


Saving Money on Utilities Around the House


A lot of people tend to overlook the amount of money they can save by simply paying a little attention to their home utilities and their daily lifestyles. There is no denying the fact that finances have been tight these last few years and things don’t look like they’re going to be improving any time soon. So if you could save some money on home utilities, why wouldn’t you? It doesn’t matter if it is a few dollars or a few hundred, at the end of the day every penny counts, especially during a recession that seemingly has no end. So before you decide to sit down and have a cup of tea to celebrate moving in to your new home, perhaps you should go through the various utilities you are going to need and determine how you are going to save as much as you can on each of … read more

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Get those humidifiers ready, Winter might be coming!


I know, I know. It sounds crazy to you if you live in the south that Winter might be coming. We have had so many Spring like days lately. But, like our typical weather, that is changing fast! I went from tank tops to using the heat. As an asthma sufferer, I really hate having to use the heat! It dries the air in my home out so bad and my lungs truly can’t take it. not to mention the static cling, shocking everything I touch, and watching my dogs create blue flame lights every time they crawl through my blankets! Yep, I’m not ready to have the heat on just yet! I have no choice though since it has been getting int the low thirty’s at night now and the kids would freeze if I didn’t. Time to get out the humidifiers! I have had people ask me in … read more

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