Four Mommy Tips to Keep Your Kids from Going Crazy During Your Next Camping Trip


“But I don’t want to ride for that long! I’ll go nuts!” “Ugh, another road trip?” “Are we there yet?!” Not the sorts of things we want to hear from our kids when it comes time to hit the open road for vacation, right? That said, great outdoors vacations and road trips are awesome opportunities for families to bond and for your kids to get acclimated with nature. And given that RVs are more cost-effective than ever according to Outdoorsy, there’s perhaps no better time than now to consider becoming a long-term camping family. But even when you can bring along all the comforts of home in an RV, there’s no denying the potential headaches of long stretches on the road if your kids aren’t accustomed to such trips. Likewise, if you’ve never handled your munchkins after you’ve set up camp, you might find that they aren’t as prone to … read more

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Stop the Drift: How to Bring Your Family Unit Closer Together


It’s very common for families to get the feeling that they are drifting further and further apart. As children get older and you all get taken over by things like busy work schedules, it’s easy to feel like you’re spreading your family time pretty thin. Bringing your family unit closer together in those kinds of circumstance can, therefore, be very difficult. However, it’s not impossible, and there is always more that can be done. If you’re struggling for ideas that would help your family unit to feel closer once more, don’t worry. There are lots of great ideas outlined below. Be sure to make the most of them once you’ve read about them and found out why they’re so important. Make Family Life Fun Again If family life is beginning to become strained and unpleasant for whatever reason, you need to find ways of making it fun again. If you … read more

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Free Time: How To Fill It With Thrifty Fun For You And The Family

photo3 As a mom, you often feel like you’re on the go all of the time, and that’s mostly because you are. But, at the same time, you also have a lot of free time to fill up. It may not seem like it, but with afternoons after school, weekends, family trips, days spent with your younger kids and even the rare time that you do get to yourself, it all adds up. And in this time, you need to work out what you can do for fun. When you think of it like that, you can often feel a financial burden is about to land in your lap, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Just because you’re faced with a lot of free time to fill, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. In fact, in reality, you can use your thrifty ways … read more

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Upflush Toilets Are Really A Thing?


I love to learn new things. One day, I will know everything if I have my way. (yeah yeah, I know… good luck) For now, I just try to learn something new daily. Today, I learned about UpFlush Toilets. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It sounded a bit nuts at first but oh boy it has opened a whole new world of ideas for me! You see, we bought our house two years ago and plan to put some work into it. Then, we will be selling it to buy a house we went. Our goal is a house with a basement. We really wanted one and some how we decided on a house without one. Our next house WILL have a basement! But, my big concern is having a bathroom in the basement. I’ve always wondered how that would work. How hard would it be to … read more

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My Little Pony Equestria Girls on DVD August 8!

my little pony

My Little Pony Equestria Girls… not something I ever thought my son would watch but it QUICKLY became his favorite show with so much singing and awesome story lines. He was beyond excited to receive a copy of this DVD, which will be available for purchase on August 8! I think he has watched it every single day and I now know most of the songs by heart. Check out the details about the new release below and then enter to win a copy for yourself! Grab your popcorn, because the Equestria Girls are back for a magic-filled triple feature! There’s a reason these seven girls look familiar. . . as they step through a magical mirror, they transport from the world of My Little Pony, transforming into teenage girls at Canterlot High.  Full-time students and part-time magical pony-girls, the Equestria Girls are always ready to save the day with the … read more