$250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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This $250 Amazon Gift Card is Sponsored by Kinsights Brought to you by Mom Powered Media and A Little Bit of Everything Kinsights is an online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper for parents. Gone are the days where you’re being held responsible for keeping track of slips of paper or lugging files and folders containing your children’s health information. And in the event of an emergency, you can even have the health records sent to the ER or out-of-town doctor in a snap. Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more. This tool is amazing and a godsend to parents. Kinsights is also a community where parents can safely seek and share answers to parenting questions. You can ask anything and Kinsights will find the right community members who can provide guidance. Kinsights even offers groups with similar interests their own pages, including single parents, grandparents, those interested in car seat safety, baby & kids fashion, potty training groups, … read more

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School is Coming! Time to Visit Campus Book Rentals!

Summer is nearing an end and that means the school year will be back in session! Alongside all of those school supplies, new clothes and accessories will be those costly text books. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw just how expensive a textbook that you will likely use not more than a semester can be. Being the thrifty shopper I am, I knew there had to be other options. In comes Campus Book Rentals. Why should you be forced to buy an expensive book you will never use again when you can just rent it for the duration of your class and then return it? With Campus Book Rentals, you can do just that. This is much more cost effective in a time that many of us are struggling financially. The books have free shipping (even when you return them!), the rental periods are flexible so if you … read more

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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers + Giveaway

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I am all about being bare foot. I hate wearing shoes. Nothing drags my day down more than having to wear hard, uncomfortable shoes. Since I am a stay at home mom, I get to avoid shoes as much as possible. But there are times I just have to suck it up and put something on my feet to take out the trash, walk the dogs, check the mail… I have bought many types of slippers in the past just for these times and they just end up sitting in a corner. Not anymore! I recently received a pair of Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers and the shoe hatred has ended a bit! I went with the Open Toe Terry Slippers simply because my foot wouldn’t be completely enclosed. They come in mocha, pale blue, and lavender. I chose lavender. They are a nice, soft purple color that just looks … read more

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Kidz Can Design- Customized Jewelry and More

kidz can design 2

I absolutely love personalized items.  Nothing says “I love you” more than something that is specifically designed for you and you only. So, when I had the chance to review with Kidz Can Design, I was rather excited! Kidz Can Design is a super fun company that offers you the chance to personalize items including jewelry, keychains, and even bookmarks. But this isn’t just ANY customization. This is real personalization! You can have your child’s art work, real photos you have taken, whatever you desire created into something amazing! Just check out this key chain! Kidz Can Design is so simple to use. When you visit the website, you will see the get started button. You will be taken to a page that shows all of the great items they offer. Necklaces, bracelets, pendants, key chains….. You simply choose your product and proceed.All items are made from 925 sterling silver! … read more

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Display and Organize with My Art Gallery + Giveaway!

my art gallery hanging

This was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and My Art Gallery I have two boys who LOVE to draw and paint any time they are given the chance. Needless to say there have been many times my fridge looks like a mad house. I also spend many nights trying to sneak away 1 or 2 photos so that it isn’t quite so cluttered. I recently had the opportunity to review My Art Gallery and my fridge is really thanking me! So, just what is My Art Gallery? Check this out! This is a fun new system for displaying and organizing your child’s artwork! When you open your new package, you instantly find that the box is actually really pretty and sturdy! Why? Because you can use the box it comes in as a storage box! (that’s pretty nifty if you ask me and cuts back on a lot of waste!) … read more