Style and Functionality with Logo Loops Headbands!

headband 2

Hippie…. that’s a word that gets thrown around my house a lot! Apparently, everyone agrees that I was born in the wrong time frame and I am a hippie… I don’t know about that, but it’s whatever. If my liking bright colors, flowers, peace signs, and feeling the need for everyone to just be happy and love one another makes me a hippie, well then I am dang proud to be one. My fashion sense may be a little questionable at times, but hell, that’s what makes life fun and unique right? So, when I got the chance to review these awesome head bands from Logo Loops, I was all over it! But head bands are for kids you say?! NOT IN MY WORLD! Logo Loops is a company who produces adorable cloth style head bands in a HUGE variety of designs. You can order from their adorable selection of … read more

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Best Methods for Treating Common Pregnancy Issues

pregnant belly

Pregnancy…as beautiful as the process of a developing life is, you have to admit it can be difficult on the mothers to be. Your body is going through so many changes as it makes room for the growing baby, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can take to get rid of these aches, pains, and other common issues. While some mothers experience nothing more than a few stretch marks, growing breasts, and fatigue, there are those expectant mothers that go through everything from morning sickness, to heartburn, and even hemorrhoids and gestational diabetes. The good news is there are ways in which you can relieve some of these issues without the use of too many medications. Below are just a few solutions you might try to remedy any pregnancy related issues you’re having so that you can simply enjoy the bliss of having life inside of you. Bodily Aches and … read more

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Continue Summer Learning With The Young Scientists Club

growing crazy crystals3

With the beginning of Summer for kids finally here, it’s always important to take this time to plan out learning activities. There is nothing worse than kids being home all summer with no structure and forgetting a portion of things they learn in those almost three months away from their teachers. Learning doesn’t have to be a drag. We try to focus on subjects and activities that turn fun into a learning experience so their summer is still enjoyable but the kids are still retaining learned knowledge and even learning new stuff! My boys are way into science in every way. (I can’t blame them, that was always one of my favorite subjects!) So, we have a closet stocked full of science books, tools, and even fun learning its like those available through the Young Scientists Club. We recently received a new kit, Growing Crazy Crystals, for review and were so … read more

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Beat The Heat With An Indoor, Pom Tree Kids Craft Party

pillow puff creatures all

My boys are big crafters. They love everything to do with art and building. They have an eye for detail and always love to sit back and look at what they have created once it is done. That is why we love having the opportunity to work with Pom Tree Kids. This fun company has complete craft kits that are perfect for a variety of ages, fun designs that kids love, and are the least messy crafts I have ever experienced! We recently had the chance to check out a few of their new, 2015 fashion forward themes that made for great fun. Many of the designs are a geared more on the feminine side, but my boys don’t care. They were quick to say they’d build them for their friends! First up we received the cell phone case and key chain kit in a dog design. This adorable kit … read more

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Finger Pushing Fun With Modarri Cars


Back in November, my boys had the awesome chance to review a fun line of toy cars from Modarri. They fell in love! These cars are a fun new take on an old favorite for boys. What little boy doesn’t like cars? We recently received another three cars from Modarri to build their collection and the fun has quickly doubled! This time, we received the combo 3-pack . This adds another T1 track car, X1 Dirt car, and S1 street car. While similar to the original single cars we received in the same designs, these are colored differently. Each of the cars in the Modarri line come boxed with the car, a set of 3 cones, and a hex tool. This is where the fun begins. You can simply play with the cars as they are, but that would just be crazy! Boys love to tinker and this is the … read more

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