Adorable Prom Dresses at OKdress!

pink dress 2

OK, so I know I have been talking a lot about prom dresses lately… But I think I am just realizing how much I truly regret never having the chance to experience my own prom. Back then I was not a girly girl and wearing a dress would have been on my list of things NEVER to do. Now, I would enjoy the chance to look and feel like a princess! I have been trying to help a friend of mine show her daughter some amazing dresses in hopes of finding the perfect one for her prom. I found the site I know it is not a local site, but they do have worldwide shipping and some adorable dresses to choose from that I hadn’t see anywhere else! I mentioned the other day that apparently pink is in for Spring so I have been searching pink. Oh boy, did … read more


Is ShaveMob the Best Razor Ever?

shave mob flex

I am a shaving fanatic. I absolutely HATE to see hairy legs. I have tried razor after razor and for at least the last 5 years I have always ended up giving the extra blades away and buying my favorite Schick Silk Effects razor. It has always been the best razor ever. I try, I really do… I try to like other brands… I just haven’t found one yet. I was recently given the chance to try ShaveMob to see if I could find a razor to stand against my trusted friend. I received the ShaveMob Perfectionist 6 blade razor. Four of the razors had a flexible head and four did not. From the beginning I liked the handle a lot. It has the perfect grip and even a little notch up towards the head to put my index finger. It’s like they know how I shave. The flexible head … read more

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I am the mother of a super hero thanks to Everfan!

everfan cape

My three year old has a very active imagination. Once he sees something on television, he remembers it and sooner or later he decides to act it out. In the last few moths superheroes have been his big thing. I can be cooking dinner and all I hear is “Momma! Look at me! I a super hero!” and as I look he is jumping off the sofa trying to fly. Other times he is trying to pick up the dog to save him from danger. We used to tie a blanket around his shoulders as a cape. Now, we have an amazing full super hero costume from Everfan! It’s one thing to have a cape and be a super hero. But it takes on a whole new level when you have arm bands and a face mask to complete the look! He has absolutely LOVED his Everfan super hero cape. … read more


Learn and Play with Meadow Kids

meadow kids train

My son just turned three. We are always on the search for great toys that will enable us to work on different learning and cognitive skills while still allowing him to have fun and feel like he is playing instead of learning. I was recently given the opportunity to review a couple products from Meadow Kids that do just that. Meadow Kids has many different items from puppets to blocks to craft items and books. Each of these are designed for toddler to preschool aged children to teach them various skills for development. The first item I received was the Build-A-Train Wooden Threading Beads. This set comes with 12 wooden train shaped beads and 2 different color strings for threading. This is a great item to teach hand eye coordination. The child simply tries the thread a string through the holes in the beads and create a lone of train … read more


ISeeMe Personalized Birthday Book!

i see me

My son just celebrated his 3rd birthday. I try to get him something personalized for each birthday and holiday to celebrate and remember each milestone with. This year I was fortunate enough to get an amazing personalized birthday book from ISeeMe! We love the books from ISeeMe as they ave great story lines while also including your little ones name and other info throughout the book. We received the title “My Very Happy Birthday” with the title arranged to be “Devin’s Very Happy 3rd Birthday”. We even got an extra surprise with a sheet of stickers with his name on them! The book is very well written. I love that it includes little details like his name, his birth date, and even the picture of the cake has 3 candles on it just like his own birthday cake. It follows along a group of friends planning a last minute surprise … read more