Five Great Ways to Save for a Fun Filled Summer Vacation


With spring finally arriving in full force many of us begin to think about our next family vacation. Getting the time to spend with your children and those you care about can be a great way to create precious memories. However, even a three day getaway for a family of three or four can be costly. This doesn’t mean you have to sit at home because you can’t afford to get away, as there are ways you can start saving now to have enough money for your summer vacation. Here’s how: Cut Back on Eating Out – According to a 2012 article in the Huffington Post, the average American worker spends approximately $1,000 per year on coffee and about $2,000 per year on eating out! Now if you and your spouse are doing this, you’re looking at a total of $2,000 per year on coffee and $4,000 per year on eating out. … read more

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I need the #AMDFX APU – HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop from Best Buy!

best buy 2

Disclaimer- The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free Hi, my name is Amber and I am a computer addict. No seriously, I spend way more time than what is truly healthy on my laptop. I do EVERYTHING on here. From banking and shopping to blogging, social networking, watching TV and sometimes a few games. Top that with a million photos of my oh so adorable son and dogs and what do I have? A super slow computer that, quite frankly, angers me more by the day. I have probably gone through 4 or 5 computers in the last 3 years. I get so fed up with limited processing speeds, slow loading times, and the need to transfer all of my files to portable storage options every month to make room! I NEED a new … read more

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Nickelodeon Let’s Learn: S.T.E.M. on DVD Today!


While many moms are on the “TV is bad for kids” kick, I find myself to be quite the opposite. SOME TV is bad for kids, but I am amazed daily by so much of what my child learns while watching his favorite shows. I do not limit his TV time I simply limit what shows he is allowed to watch. Nick Jr. Shows are on his list of allowed shows. His favorites right now are definitely Paw Patrol, Blaze, and Bubble Guppies. Each of these shows teach him so much from counting and ABC’s to shapes and more. Things he was not picking up easily from me trying to teach, he has picked up on watching these shows. So, I was excited to see Nickelodeon start a DVD set that promotes these shows into a “Let’s Learn” theme. My son LOVES these DVD’s! Today, the fifth installment in the Nickelodeon’s … read more

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Wallykazam! on DVD April 28!


Wallykazam! There is just something so catchy about that show. Between the theme song and the adorable little characters, its a big hit in my house. I have had to DVR so many episodes so that my little one can watch it whenever he likes. Now, it is available on DVD and he could not be happier! Nickelodeon’s hit preschool literacy series Wallykazam! makes its DVD debut on April 28, 2015. The series follows the adventures of Wally and his pet dragon, Norville, who live in a forest among giants, goblins and other fantastical creatures. Wally has a magic stick that makes words come to life on the screen playfully transforming the world around him. Wallykazam! is Nickelodeon’s first preschool series that embeds a literacy curriculum into a full-length story, introducing skills such as letter and sound identification, rhyming, vocabulary development and comprehension strategies. Each of the four adventures features a new set of words and the DVD … read more

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Vera Bradley Spring Getaway Giveaway!

Vera Bradley Spring Getaway Giveaway Hosted by This Mamas Life Reviewz & Newz Kathy’s Savings Sweet Cheeks Adventures Thrify Mom’s Review and More Couponing Momma Giveaway & Reviews Pink Ninga Blogger It’s This or Murder Rockin’ My Life Priceless Product Reviews Giveaways & Freebies Free Fun & Fab Findings MamaBreak Mama on A Green Mission Mommy and Baby Reviews Reader Spoils The best thing about Spring, is that the weather starts to become warmer. Making it perfect to just sit outside in the yard and read a good book! This year we have teamed with Reader Spoils to bring you the top books of the Year! Lets help vote and choose which one will be Number one! Who should take the Book of The Year Title? Is it…. Reaching America’s Destiny by Don Bongaards Author Don Bongaards believes America was founded on a series of miracles, and has a destiny … read more