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Parnevu offers a line full line of hair care products from shampoos to conditioners and relaxers and more. Though this line specifically targets African American hair types, some products can be successfully used by anyone. I have really dry hair along with a very flaky scalp. I have used many different T-Tree enhanced products in the past, so I went for the T-Tree Shampoo instantly. I would have to say this may have been one of the best products I have used. For anyone not familiar with T-Tree, it is a great product. It really helps nourish the hair an scalp all the way around. For someone like me with an itchy, flaky scalp it can bring relief that many other products do not! It does have an almost minty smell and may leave a cool sensation on the scalp, but to me that is just more proof that it is working! This shampoo really did a great job of cleaning my hair! the proof was my haircolor going down the drain! No worries, I actually WANT the color gone so it was nice to see something that really had strength to do this. If if can wash out my permanent hair dye, you know it is cleaning any buildup you may have! (of course, if you do not want your color gone, you may want to avoid this)

After shampooing, I always follow with a conditioner. If not, my hair will tangle horribly! I went with Parnevu’s after
shampoo conditioner.This conditioner definitely worked well! I tend to avoid my root areas as a lot of conditioners will leave my hair greasy looking, but this worked wonders for my dry, brittle tips! For anyone with really dry hair, this is a really nice choice at a very reasonable price of only $5 a bottle. I had no problem combing through my hair after a shower  and it left a really nice clean scent as well.

Growing up, we always did a mayonnaise or hot oil treatment on our hair at least 2 to 3 times a month. So the last product I went for was the Parnevu hair mayonnaise. This specific blend contains olive oil. egg protein, and african herbs. Hair mayonnaise is great for extremely dry hair or in my case, over processed hair. I have dyed it so many times that it is not in the best shape. I used this treatment and wrapped my hair in a shower cap for the stated 10 minutes. I then washed it out and dried my hair. I did a great job of softening my hair and even appears to have helped with a lot of my split ends. It smells great as well! The only problem I had was that it left a greasy feel to my hair that I was unable to get out for the next 2 days. Of course, this is targeted for African American hair, so that is my own fault. =]  I still loved how healthy my hair looks afterwards!

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Parnevu and will definitely continue to purchase the T-Tree line because it has been so nice to not have an itchy scalp or see flakes all over my dark clothing! Interested in purchasing these or other great products for yourself? Check out Parnevu online. You can also check them out on facebook and twitter as well.

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10 Responses to Parnevu Hair Care

  1. I have never used tea tree products. I will have to try these.
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  2. Becky L says:

    I’m a white girl…and this is the first time in my life my hair has been so soft. I love their products. I’m thinking of ordering more now, so I don’t run out. I doubt I’ll ever go back to the old stuff!
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  3. Lori Elliott says:

    I want soft hair! I will definitely have to look into ordering these! What a great review!!

  4. Anna Ellis says:

    That stuff looks like heaven!! I have such wild untamed hair. I need this bad! Great review!

  5. LisaLisa says:

    This is a great product with all the right hair ingredients to help your hair. What a great review and Thanks for sharing this!
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  6. Mary Walker says:

    I would love to try all them. Thanks for the review.
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  7. Those products sound great! I’m always looking for something for my dry itchy scalp!
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  10. Wendy McBride says:

    Tea Tree Shampoo sounds like it would be good. I am white also, but thinking some of the conditioners will work as hot oil treatment.

    wendym at cableone dot net

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