Pfirst Modern Single Control Bath Faucet By Pfister

Two years ago, my husband and I bought our first house. Its an older house in a great neighborhood and we fell in love. It definitely needs some updating, but that’s part of its charm. We knew we could slowly work on things we wanted to change and in the end it will be exactly what we wanted. Besides the kitchen, the bathrooms are top of our list for upgrading. My husband has said from day one that he wanted to rip out the bathroom sink and start anew. Thanks to Pfister, we had the opportunity to start that journey this past weekend. We received a really nice Pfirst Modern Single Control Bath Faucet to install and share our thoughts here on Thrifty Mom’s Reviews. The finish is brushed nickel and actually went perfectly with the hardware already on the bathroom cabinet.

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Upon opening the box, I immediately loved how organized everything is. Everything you need is in the box (except pliers and plumbers putty) The instructions are perfectly clear and easy to understand with plenty of illustrations to make install a breeze.

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While I wasn’t able to get install photos since my husband completed this job while I wasn’t around, he was thoroughly impressed with the ease of installation. He is an electrician and has no training in plumbing what so ever, but had no issues figuring things out. Once the water was shut off, it was as simple as can be to install. It actually took longer to remove the old faucet than to install the new one! I absolutely love the look of it. It is so sleek and modern. The finish looks much better in person than in photos for sure. Overall, I love this faucet. The only thing I wish was different would be for the deckplate to be included in the package. We were converting from a sink with 3 hole installation to a one hole installation, In the past when purchasing faucets for other sinks, the deckplates were included. With this product, it is an optional accessory that has to be purchased separately. And after searching multiple stores, we have learned can only be purchased online. We will have to do that in the future, but for now we were able to create hole covers that practically match the porcelain of the sink.

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As far as features are concerned, Pfister is right on track with any other brands if not a step above. I love the simple push and seal drain. When you need to plug the sink, you simply press down on the drain cover to seal it and then press again to open. (of course this is also rather amusing to my 6 year old as well!) No more losing the covers are getting annoyed with pull up valves that get stuck in one position or the other. Another feature I truly love is the temperature stop limit. I was a little concerned having a young child in the house installing a one handle faucet. My little one knows on a typical sink, the right handle is cold. I knew it could be a bit daunting to teach him to properly adjust the temperature to avoid burning his hands without the hot/cold labels for him. Pfister has installed this awesome temperature stop limit inside the faucet. it allows you to set a maximum temperature. This ensures that even if he should turn it to the completely hot side, he will not be scalding his little hands. This definitely makes me happy!

temperature stop limit

Between the perfectly streamlined, modern look, features included in the faucet, and the lifetime warranty, I am definitely impressed with the Pfirst Modern Single Control Bath Faucet By Pfister. I’d have no problem recommending the purchase to our friends and family and am looking forward to remodeling our kitchen next. I have my eye set on a nice pull down faucet from Pfister.


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