Practical Gift Ideas for Christmas

Being an adult, Christmas isn’t as fun. We don’t always get the best gifts during the holidays. Who needs another ugly Christmas sweater? Or how about that tin of cookies your aunt made knowing you were working towards a healthier lifestyle? Jut HOW MUCH body wash and soap could one person need? So let’s talk a little about some more practical gift ideas. Of course, these items still aren’t things we’d LOVE to have, but may be items on the more expensive end of the spectrum that we just put off buying ourselves since we have kids who need a million gifts right?

Electric Tooth Brushes

We all know our dental health is important. But do you short yourself by using the cheap, manual brushes? Every dentist I have ever had recommends using electric tooth brushes for the best clean. I’m sure you’ve seen just how pricey they can be. But they are worth it to keep our mouths healthy. Christmas is the perfect time to spend that extra money and give the gift of a healthy mouth!

tooth brush

Air Purifiers, Humidifiers,etc

Its almost Winter and for asthma sufferers like myself the air quality inside our homes is rather important! When running the heat, the air we breath is rather dry and can really affect our lungs. Add to that the fact that it is cold outside and windows will be shit for the most part. All the unhealthy stuff stays up in the house with no fresh air. Air purifiers are great to help clean the air we breathe. Humidifiers are amazing for those sleepless nights when our breathing is the worst!


I know, it sounds a bit cheesy, but men and women alike use razors practically all year long! Razors can be on the cheap end for manual ones and make great stocking stuffers. On the more expensive end, a brand new electric razor ca be a great stand alone gift. You could also go the route of a razor subscription service for someone to constantly receive new razors throughout the year.

Gift Cards

Everyone loves a good gift card. Maybe a friend never gets out since she focuses on her kids and work. A gift card to her favorite restaurant would be perfect. Think she needs something to spend on herself? Many salons offer gift cards for everything from the usual pedicures and facials to simple hair cuts! You don’t know just how much a woman would actually appreciate a card to have her hair done when she spends her time buying her kids everything and feels like she is just letting herself go in the process. Anther great choice would be for grocery stores (everyone needs food, especially if it can help with the holiday meals they want to cook!)

Tools and Auto Services

Most of us have a car. Throughout the year, simple maintenance and upkeep is vital so we continue to have them for work, grocery shopping, and running the kids around for sports and school events. Oil changes, tune ups, new wiper blades, even a simple car wash can make us feel like we are doing our cars right. So it makes since that gift cards to local auto parts stores, service shops, or car wash hot spots would make great gifts. If you have someone who works on their own vehicles, tools to do the job are always handy! (or, if you have a husband like mine a way to ORGANIZE those tools may be just as great of a gift!)

Now I know none of these sounds that enticing. But you know at the end of the day they WILL be used. A fun video game will get played, beat, and then put in a drawer. Cookies will be eaten by the kids. Clothes may sit in a closet forever, especially if grandma isn’t in on the hippest styles. But the items above and many other practical gift ideas will be used and appreciated. No one said “adulting” was fun. But, it can be made a little simpler with the right gift choices!


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