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As sad as it is for me to admit, I have HORRIBLE teeth. Growing up, we didn’t receive dental care. We lived a rather poor life and had no such access to many of the health luxuries that most people have now. So, at only 29 years old, I am 3 weeks away from having half of the teeth in my mouth pulled out. It really makes me sad, but I know that it is for the best and all I can do from this point is work towards perfecting my smile with the help of my dentist now that I have one. But my most important task at hand is teaching my children the importance of dental health from the beginning. Lucky for me my 4 year old LOVES brushing his teeth and had an amazing dentist experience and is more than happy to keep going. But seeing me suffer has raised questions for him to why I am having the problems I have. So, I was pretty excited when I was given the chance to review the Molar in the Mirror box set from Mighty MolarMan and Friends.


This is an adorable set, available for purchase in their Molar Mart for $29.99. Even better, all purchases now through May 31 will result in 10% of the purchase being donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. That is a great way to spread help to others who may be less fortunate as i was in the dental/ healthcare world. So what exactly is “MolarMan”? Well, he is an amazing friend and helper of the Tooth Fairy! He is there to ensure your little one has nice, shiny teeth because the Tooth Fairy LOVES pearly whites! The plush that comes with the set is adorable! Of course a molar is a tooth, so MolarMan is a superhero tooth. Complete with cape, he is there to always remind you to brush, even when you may think you don’t have the time.

molarman 2

Along with the plush is a fun book, Molar in the Mirror, that explains who MolarMan is, what his goal is, who his enemies are (Bacteria Boy and Hallie Tosis of course!), and how you need to stay away from sugars and brush to keep healthy. My little one loves the flow of this boo with its fun photos and rhyming story.


Once you have read the book with your little one (geared for ages 3-9) you are ready to put MolarMan into action. He comes with a suction hook that allows you to hang him on the mirror. Every time your child is in the bathroom, he will see MolarMan and have a reminder to brush their teeth. As your child is brushing, MolarMan is watching over him to make sure he does an amazing job. Of course my son LOVES this and thinks it is hilarious to brush with MolarMan watching. And while it is recommended to hang him on the mirror, he is still a plush so kids will want to play. My little one sleeps with him every night after he brushes and hangs him in the morning when it is time to brush again. He is portable and can be taken to sleepovers, grandmas house, wherever a reminder to brush could be needed!

molarman 3

Right now is the perfect time to make your purchase since summer is near and summer time equals kids at home more during the day, more junk food availability, and more of a need to brush. Purchasing now also donates to Children’s Miracle network. If you like helping out charities, there is an awesome auction opportunity as well! Three paintings of Mighty MolarMan, from Naomi Romero and one painting from Edward Taylor will be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. (auction to run April 17 through May 25) you can also join other MolarMan Fans to raise awareness by joining the Shake Your Molar Maker contest by uploading a video of you dancing to the MolarMan song for a chance to win Costco and Amazon gift cards! Lastly, You can enter below to win the Molar in the Mirror box set shown above!

Disclaimer- I received the Molar in the Mirror box set for review purposes. All opinions are my own!

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  1. jodi anderson says:

    I like the MolarMart “Tot” Tote bag. I can carry my qpon binders in it. Thanks for a great giveaway.

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