Ready for Summer with CareMe Electric Callus Remover

I am one of those bare foot country girls. You now the ones. Any chance they get, they have their shoes off. I like to joke that I have claustrophobic feet. Of curse that results in some pretty tough to handle feet. I always keep my toenails painted in the summer to try and take the attention away from the rest of my foot, but anyone who truly looks at them are probably going to have nightmares about monster feet. I am also very ticklish so sadly, i have never had a pedicure. I think I would likely kick the poor lady if she messed with my feet! So, it is up to me to handle my own feet. I am SO HAPPY to have had the chance to review CareMe Electric Callus Remover. You have no idea! This thing is amazing. (just ask my friends. I was raving on this so much one had to buy it for herself to try!)

care me

I have tried so many items on my feet. I was beginning to think there was no hope. Hand held files are such a pain and require so much work. I have tried numerous electric ones but the power is just not there. Not to mention the batteries I go through trying to tackle the beasts. It was a huge plus to see that the CareMe Electric Callus remover came with a plug to charge it! It also came with two different files, one is course and the other is extremely course.

foot file

The instructions state to charge this for 10 hours when you first receive it. And again when the battery dies or if you have’t used it in quite a while. So, you will need to plan when you will use it to make sure it is charged the night before. I chose to start with the extra course file since I knew my feet were pretty bad! It was simple to snap right onto the end and be ready to go.

foot file 2

So how did this baby work you ask? Well. lets just say you should lay a towel down, maybe wear some safety glasses and one of those masks those little ladies use when doing your nails… you know, the whole getup. This thing has some power! It looked like I sanded a wall onto my carpet in a matter of minutes! I was actually able to put pressure on it without the file coming to a stop like other products I have used in the past. I may have even squealed in excitement as I realized that I was actually accomplishing removing this ugly callus off the side of my big toe that I NEVER thought I would rid of!

before and after

Yes, you see that right! They are the same foot. The lighting may be a little off since the sun was going down and the lights in my house aren’t that great, but this thing worked! Check out the close up. Notice my toe?! No more monster foot for me! I don’t need to feel self conscious about my feet anymore. Not to mention my feet don’t snag my blankets like velcro at night anymore!

before and after 2

I have to say, this is by far one of my favorite review items ever! Anytime I hear someone complain about their feet, I tell them about CareMe. A friend of mine mentioned that you may even get a money saving code for extra files if you order from them on Amazon and leave a review. I can’t make any guarantees on that since I received this for review, but she received one after leaving a review when I told her how awesome this Electric Callus remover was! I definitely recommend this product so that you can join me in having your feet ready for the summer!


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