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Ramblings of a Thrifty Momma is a PR Friendly blog. Do you have a great product or service to offer that you think would interest my readers? I am always looking for great products to review and/or share on my blog. Please feel free to email me  with any offers.  My policy in regards to reviews is as follows:

  • Product reviews are done free of charge as long as a product the product is $25 value or higher..
  • A full size product is required and will not be returned. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender. Any COD packages will be refused.
  • Reviews are posted within 3-4 weeks of receiving the product. However, please let me know if you have a specific date in mind and I will do my best to accommodate.
  • I will use any links you supply as well as any anchor text you would like as long as you make sure to inform me. I will provide links to your social media sites as well if requested.
  • As per Google’s TOS, all review links will be No Follow.
  • I will always disclose and follow FTC policies.
  • I do recommend allowing my readers the opportunity to try your product/service with a giveaway and or discount. My readers really appreciate being included. But this is not required. (If you are offering a giveaway of any kind, please specify the item, quantity, and who would be eligible to enter.  i.e. US only, US & Canada, Worldwide…)
When reviewing products, I will include pictures, reviews, and honest opinions along with the occasional video from my self, my husband, and my children (2 and 10 year old sons)  If you have any direct links, product descriptions, pictures, etc. that you would like included in the review please feel free to let me know. My reviews are 100% honest. I will do my best to point out any positives I can with a product even if it happens to be one I am not completely pleased with.  I feel that even if I have a less than desirable experience, my readers may still enjoy the product and will still post the review. Please note, once I have posted a review, it will not be deleted.


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