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Before I had my son I took great care of myself. I always made sure my nails looked pretty, I wore makeup to work, dressed nicely.. you know all that jazz. Never thought that would change having kids. I actually used to laugh a little (on the inside of course) when moms would tell me they just DON”T have the time and money to care for themselves like they used to. Then, this weird thing happened…. I became one of those moms! I have a drawer of makeup that, well, could possibly be expired (does makeup expire??) My eye brows, lets not go there.. kind of scary! And at any given day you are likely to see my nails bare (or even worse, streaked with colors of polish that have chipped and faded since I haven’t done them in weeks! All in the name of being a good mom (and not having the extra cash to hit the salons!) But, it is almost summer time. If there is one thing I can not tolerate it is ugly toenails in the summer! Its bad enough I have to fight the corns (don’t even laugh, you know those nail people take care of them for you!) And sometimes, my OCD kicks in and I hate my nails not matching my toes so I have to do something. I tolerate the plain colors, but damnit I miss my nails being pretty! Like designs that I just can not do! Well, that has changed! My step son played baseball this spring and in comes team mom. She reminds me of myself except she has a lot more kids, yet she still has pretty nails! and so does her daughter! Jealous! Then I found out she is a consultant for a company called Jamberry Nails(<—-That link right there will take you to her page, please use it!) I now have nails that look like this!

jamberry nails

How you ask? I did it myself! Paula let me try out Jamberry to share with you all and you have to admit, it is cute! Did I go to a shop? Nope. Did she help me? Nope (but my 3 year old really tried to… make sure the littles are in bed before you attempt this the first time!) There are so many designs to choose from with Jamberry that you are sure to find something you love! Everything from animal prints to flowers, abstract designs to holiday themes. They evn have them in Jamberry Junior size for little girls (I may have to try these for my toes because my toenails are TINY) They come in packs with 2 sets of these sheets here-

jamberry nail decals

Each of those little strips is cut in half so you can do both hands and toes if you choose or just get multiple applications on your hands for each pack. At $15 each, that is WAY cheaper than visiting the salon! They are easy to apply to. Before starting cut and file your nails.Push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. Clean your nails with an alcohol wipe and dry them. Make sure you Have all your supplies before starting! You will need the nail wraps, file, a small pair of nail scissors and a heat source (not pictured.) They sell a mini heater, but I just used my blow dryer!

jamberry nails 2

Once your nails are prepped, simply choose the one that fits your nail (the backing is clear so you can see through to find the one that fits best!) If none are quite the perfect size, go for one that is a tiny bit small, otherwise it will end up laying on your skin and will not adhere. There is a wooden stick in the photo aboce, use that to carefully lift the edge of the wrap and cut it in half (I didn’t think to get photos since I was alone!) Hold the nail wrap in front of a heat source for a few seconds.  Once it is warm and bendable, place it onto your nail (of course the rounded edge goes towards your cuticles.) Smooth it out and press it down well. You will need to use the scissors to trim the end and then file the wrap at the tip of the nail. (I suck at explaining this, so watch this video instead..)

There is definitely a learning curve to using these. It took me a little longer than it probably should have ad mine only lasted a few days on my fingers (nail polish only lasts 2 days tops so this even lasted longer than that for me not getting it exactly right!) The ones on my toes are still here and going strong (they were the last 2 and I think I had figured out applying them by then!) I will def be getting more of these as soon as I have the money so that I can keep looking pretty without the cost of salons! Make sure you check out Paula’s Jamberry online and follow her on Facebook as well to stay up on promotions and more! She can even help you become a Jamberry consultant and get started making extra income today!

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