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Have you ever had to battle the mirror being covered in fog from a hot shower? Sometimes even just running the hot water in your bathroom sink to shave can cause the mirror to fog over. That can be really aggravating when you need to shave. Not to mention the mess that can be made on the counter from shaving cream and hair. (and if your husband is like mine, you will be left cleaning this yourself. LOL) Well, I have found a great solution! It is the Shave Well fogless shower mirror. It comes with an easy to place hook and a mirror the perfect size for the shower. It is great because the mirror can be removed from the hook for easy cleaning. And although the mirror is small, you can perfectly see your entire face to shave.

Now how does it actually work being fog free when all other mirrors fog over? You submerge the mirror in the shower water. This way the mirror becomes the same temperature as your shower therefor the temperature differential that causes the fog in the first place is gone. Does this actually work? Well, I had my husband test it out. He held it under the hot shower for about 30 seconds before hanging it back on the hook. He was able to completely shave his face and head without it fogging over! By then end of the actual shower, it had fogged slightly but I am thinking that is because it was on the back wall and a small bit of outside air does get through the curtain and probably slowly changed the mirror temperature. I think if he had chosen different placement it would not have even fogged the small amount that it did.

As for the shave, believe it or not actually shaving IN the shower was a positive experience all the way around! For one, my sink was clean, there was no water on the floor, and i was happy! For two, he didn’t have to go over with the razor multiple times because the hot shower had made the hair more manageable and easier to cut. This in return cut out on the razor burn he normally experiences (and I predict he may not have to change razor blades as often as he has been!)  This mirror would definitely make a great fathers day gift! Check out this video for more information!

Shave Well has offered one of my lucky readers the opportunity to win their own fogless shower mirror! Use the form below to enter.
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