Is ShaveMob the Best Razor Ever?

I am a shaving fanatic. I absolutely HATE to see hairy legs. I have tried razor after razor and for at least the last 5 years I have always ended up giving the extra blades away and buying my favorite Schick Silk Effects razor. It has always been the best razor ever. I try, I really do… I try to like other brands… I just haven’t found one yet. I was recently given the chance to try ShaveMob to see if I could find a razor to stand against my trusted friend. I received the ShaveMob Perfectionist 6 blade razor. Four of the razors had a flexible head and four did not.


From the beginning I liked the handle a lot. It has the perfect grip and even a little notch up towards the head to put my index finger. It’s like they know how I shave. The flexible head razor really caught my eye. The entire blade pivots like many razors, but then there is also a separation point between the six blades where it flexes as well. It is almost like having 2 3 blade razors in one. I chose to shave with it first just because it was awesome looking.

shavemob flex

Let me say, as far as shaving my legs goes, this is the BEST razor I have ever used. I cut my time shaving in half. I did not need to go over sections more than once. The flexible head was amazing and even got a super close shave on the knee. (That is the one spot I seriously struggle with!) And for a brand new razor, I did not cut myself even once. I love how the back is open so it is super easy to clean and dries easily in between uses. Each blade also comes in its own personal storage case which is awesome if you ask me!

shave mob flex

Now, it is the best ever for my legs… but it is too big for underarms or bikini areas. So I gave the none flexible 6 blade a try. This razor has a lubricant strip across the top like many other razors and comes in a clear storage case. This is also a great razor for legs, but personally I felt the 6 blades was just a bit much for sensitive areas like under the arms or bikini. So, I will still need my other favorite razor for those but I will definitely be keeping the ShaveMob Perfectionist razor on hand for the perfect summer legs!

shavemob nonflex

ShaveMob offers all the benefits of a “razor subscription program” without all the hassle of memberships and recurring fees. You simply place you order. You have to order a 2 month minimum (includes a handle and 4 cartridges, each cartridge to last 2 weeks) You can also order 6 or 12 month packages. On your initial order, a handle is automatically included. When you need more razors, you simply place another order. The handle is added as a second line item once you choose your package. You have the ability to remove the handle (also lowering the cost) if you do not need it or you can add more handles at additional cost if you are like me and like a handle in each bathroom! Once your 2 months is up, you will not be charged again you will simply get an email reminding you it’s almost time to order again. You can choose to reorder or not. Its all up to you! I love the pricing of the plans and the fact that they have multiple types of blades for men and women. The only thing I would love to see added is the ability to mix and match blades without having to do 2 months of each kind. I prefer a 3 blade for more sensitive areas and would love to order two 6 blade and two 3 blade razors!

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