Sing, Dance, and Learn with The GiggleBellies

If there are two things my son likes more than anything, they’d have to be music and stuffed animals. The stuffed toy addiction is insane, but he just loves the soft snuggly animals and his bed is full of them! Each one serves a purpose and either has a special book, movie, or meaning behind it so I just let his collection grow until he decides he’s ready to stop. As for music, if he had his way we would be listening to or watching music videos ALL.DAY.LONG! He will sing and dance until the sun goes down. He drags me into the room to dance with him. It’s rather adorable if I do say so myself! So, when I was given the opportunity to review an awesome DVD set AND an adorable plush elephant to match, I knew it was a chance of a lifetime for him. We received the GiggleBellies Ultimate Fan Pack which included three DVD’s and Peanut the plush elephant.

gigglebelly set

My son absolutely LOVED this the minute it showed up. Not many videos keep his full attention, but he watched all three DVD’s the same night. Each DVD has multiple music videos that vary in length from 2-4 minutes. These songs are animated with vivid colors that really seemed to captivate his attention. The songs were fun and many were variations of his favorite childhood songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels On The Bus. There are also GiggleBellies originals like the GiggleBelly Train. The tune and colors are absolutely perfect to keep the attention of very young children. The words threw me off a bit when they were changed up, but I am just accustomed to hearing the original songs. Being two, my son is open to singing things any way he learns them and really liked the added changes.  I loved that as he watched them and sang along, he was learning everything from the alphabet to colors and even body parts. He danced and sang until he couldn’t handle anymore!

Then, he sat on the floor and held onto Peanut and watched some more. He loved GiggleBellies Volume 1 and 2 since they were so energetic and up beat. The third DVD is Sweet Songs and Lullabies. This has a much more relaxed tone and is the perfect way to wind down at night. If you allow TV at bed time, this would be a great video to pop in. Otherwise, playing it before bedtime as we do works great to slow down from the day. It has favorite lullabies like You Are My Sunshine, which I have sang to him since he was born. Overall, we absolutely loved being able to sing, dance, and learn with The GiggleBellies and I can’t wait to see more additions to the collection one day!


You can check out The GiggleBellies for yourself by visiting them online as well as Facebook and Twitter. You can even view a few full length videos on Youtube and see how well your children will love them! Then, enter below for a chance to win the three DVD’s mentioned above! If your children end up huge fans like my son, I highly recommend purchasing Peanuts the elephant to go with it! You can use code mom2014 to receive 10% off any order! (expires March 31, 2014)

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15 Responses to Sing, Dance, and Learn with The GiggleBellies

  1. alona y says:

    They have “over 30 combined awards and accolades”! That’s pretty good.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I learned their characters have their own unique purpose and have brilliant colors and textures to captivate a young audience.

  3. Jene' Jaggers says:

    They have over 20 awards. Thats amazing for a childs show

  4. Jene' Jaggers says:

    Each character has their own purpose

  5. Jene' Jaggers says:

    They even have a DVD just for nap time

  6. Shelby Jaggers says:

    They even have a DVD just for nap time!

  7. June S. says:

    I would like this DVD for my grandson; LULLABY DVD

  8. courtney b says:

    i learned they sing nursery rhymes and are sooo cute !:)

  9. Heather Swarthout says:

    The videos are very colorful!

  10. Linda G. says:

    I like the Peanut Plush Toy

  11. Shanna says:

    I learned Creative Child Magazine awarded The GiggleBellies Volume #1 “2010 DVD of the Year”. The GiggleBellies Volume #2 received “2012 Dvd of the Year”, and Sweet Songs & Lullabies won “2013 DVD of the Year”.

  12. Jenny Q. says:

    I like the fan club that you can join. My kids would like their movies, coloring pages and activities.

  13. stephanie king says:

    Kelsey would love this.. im sure the movies are entertaining as well..

  14. Katie Klein says:

    Love the printable coloring sheets and fan club!

  15. Daniel M says:

    learned they have gotten over 30 combined awards and accolades

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