Style and Functionality with Logo Loops Headbands!

Hippie…. that’s a word that gets thrown around my house a lot! Apparently, everyone agrees that I was born in the wrong time frame and I am a hippie… I don’t know about that, but it’s whatever. If my liking bright colors, flowers, peace signs, and feeling the need for everyone to just be happy and love one another makes me a hippie, well then I am dang proud to be one. My fashion sense may be a little questionable at times, but hell, that’s what makes life fun and unique right? So, when I got the chance to review these awesome head bands from Logo Loops, I was all over it! But head bands are for kids you say?! NOT IN MY WORLD!


Logo Loops is a company who produces adorable cloth style head bands in a HUGE variety of designs. You can order from their adorable selection of premade styles or you can custom order a design to fit your own personality and needs! All bands are made in the USA of cotton/lycra. They are not only the perfect fashion accessory but serve a very useful purpose as well!

headband 4

We recently bought a new house. Unfortunately, the yard is completely overgrown and we have had a TON of yard work to do! As a woman with long hair, nothing sucks more than sweat dripping down your face, hair matting up, and just feeling icky! When you slip on an awesome headband, it seriously helps catch the sweat, prevent it from dripping into your eyes, and of course you still look cute and feminine while working like a man!

headband 3

The styles shown above are both Lodie Line-Ups, which seem to be a smaller width band and a little more stretchy. The designs “line up” along the band and you can choose anything from peace signs to sports balls or paw prints. The image below is a looped initial band. This is a wider band overall and seems to hold its shape a little better than the lodie bands. Both are a great choice for any active little girl OR woman looking to add style and functionality to their wardrobe.

headband 2

I love that they can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer to clean. And when they stretch a little to far, a good wash and dry shrinks it right back up! I keep these on hand with me everywhere I go and have had many people asking where I got them. The only downside to these is the fact that you may just get mistaken for someone who is not old enough to drink (OK.. so that’s probably a plus to most, so grab you a few smiley face and peace sign Logo Loops and start feeling young again!)  You can stay up to date on new designs by following Logo Loops on Facebook and Twitter.Check back tomorrow for a chance to enter to win as well!

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