Superfly Kids Power Cape- Holiday Gift Guide Review

My son is just like any other outgoing toddler. He loves attention and loves to pretend play. Lately, his biggest thing is being a super hero. He will take his blanket and put it on and run through the house saying “super hero momma!” Of course, I find that adorable. So I went on a mission to find the perfect cape for him for the holidays. Every child deserves their own cape so they can take on the world and make it a better place. That’s when I stumbled upon Superfly Kids. After checking out the site, I was beyond impressed.

super hero cape

Superfly Kids has a full line of capes for everyone from kids to adults. You can choose from their premade capes or have one custom made to fit your little superhero’s personality perfectly. The capes come in a variety of colors and have different designs and letters to go with them. You can also take it a step further and order entire outfits with capes, masks and cuffs to complete the entire look. I was able to review a custom cape for my little one and he has absolutely loved it!

letter d cape

I let my husband design it for him. He chose a red cape embroidered with a golden lightning bolt and a sparkling black letter D for my son’s name. (He is a SF 49er’s fan so I should have seen the color combination coming!) I have to say, we received that cape a bit faster than I expected and it was just perfect! These wonderful Power Capes are made with such quality that I was very impressed. the fabric is so soft and durable. The stitching is great and does not feel as if it is going to fall apart. The velcro clasp at the front holds well. We ordered the sidekick size which is 22″ long and is perfect for ages 2-7. (this photo i on my 11 year old since I couldn’t get a good one one the little guy!)

cape on 11 year old

My son is 3 and it fit perfectly length wise. It is slightly large around the neck area, but he actually prefers that so it doesn’t feel like it is choking him. He has played with this cape numerous times and even through his rough housing it is holding up amazingly well. I tried to get photos of him, but I guess the Power Cape gives him super powers to run like lightning every time the camera is near! HAHA  So my only option was to sneak one while big brother helped him fly! (Now that is priceless!

flying cape

What could be better than your little one having a custom Power Cape? I would say knowing it comes from a company who truly gives back just makes it even better! Superfly Kids makes it a mission to help kids in need. For every superhero cape order over $50, they donate a cape to a child who needs a little extra boost. Those children suffering from diseases who are fighting the battle of life and keeping their heads up can always use an extra boost of power to keep them going. So, to know that one lucky child can have a Power Cape to get them through their day just melts my heart. This shows a company who truly cares and it makes me very proud to be supporting them!

power cape

Check out Superfly Kids for yourself and order you super hero a Power Cape today! You can also follow them on Facebook! Check back here on November 29 for your chance to win your own sidekick cape during my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways!

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