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Holiday #mealstogether With Tyson Chicken Nuggets

I don’t know about you, but our holidays seem to revolve around food in some way. I swear by Christmas evening I have put on a good 10 pounds. But who can resist the adorable decorated cookies, brownies, fudge, candy.. I’m sure your with me. Well this year I have made it my goal to avoid as much of the sweet stuff as possible in hopes of watching my weight a bit. Not to mention my oldest is starting to have a little too much weight as well so we really need to step up our game as parents to help him out. But what kind of fun holiday food crafts can you do without the cookies? Well lets just say, now the nuggets get to have the fun! We decided that decorating Tyson Chicken Nuggets for the holidays sounded like a blast! This is the prefect opportunity to steer … read more