This HAS to be the Cutest Police Costume EVER!

My son LOVES pretend play. Any time he gets the chance to dress and act like another person or character he is so excited. We have a drawer of costumes from super heroes to mickey mouse and more. Recently he has had a big interest in careers and learning what it’s like to grow up and be someone who can help others. He especially loves to pretend to be a cop. So, he was really excited to check out the cop costumes from Wholesale Costume Club! He now has all the gear to be the best little police ever!

police costume

We chose the Junior Police Costume and couldn’t have been happier! When I first saw the price I was a little concerned if it would be worth the price but those concerns have flew out the window! This costume is awesome and quite frankly my favorite he has ever owned! Not only did it come with the jump suit and hat that looks like a cop uniform, but it was full of accessories to complete the entire look!

police costume accessories

As you can see, it is a serious steal! There is the whistle (which works!) handcuffs with key, night stick,cell phone, police badge, and even the belt ! This is so much more than a Halloween costume. This is a true learning experience to get your little one on the start to exploring future career opportunities! As a mom, this is one of my dreams to shape my little one into a great man one day! I’m sure you can see just how excited he was to have this fun new costume!

police on call

His imagination is just so perfect. He came out here telling me someone was in trouble and he had to go help them now! He was on the phone telling them he was coming to get the bad guy. I thought that was too adorable! Next thing I know he is arresting Rudolph! Apparently he was stealing toys and had to be put in jail. I guess no one is above the law with this little police officer around!

under arrest

If you are looking for the perfect costume to add to your child’s collection THIS ONE IS IT! The quality is top notch. It is not a cheaply made, fall apart after one wear costume. This is the real deal that is well worth the money. Not to mention, how freaking adorable your little one will look in it! Yes, I know, I am biased but this IS the cutest police costume ever!

police officer


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