Tour of Christmas Trees- Thrifty Mom’s Tree!

I am joining in with my fellow bloggers of Blog Ease to do a fun tour of our Christmas Trees! The best part is there is no need to leave your house! Simply click through the list and take a peek at what all of our beautiful trees look like!

tour of tree

So, I am an avid Dallas Cowboys Fan.. My husband however is a San Francisco 49ers fan. I love him enough to allow him to claim the tree (shhhh.. just don’t tell him I only allow it because I am not a ‘blue’ Christmas kind of girl.. so the red and gold looks more festive!) So there you have it. Every year, I hold back mt pride and decorate a 6.5 foot tree with red, gold, and 49er’s gear. Isn’t it pretty! After you check mine out, visit the links below for more great trees! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

christmas tree

niners tree


The Pretty Pickle

Life’s a Bargain

Jenny at Dapper House

Little Bits of Everything

Roasted Beanz

Hobbies on a Budget


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6 Responses to Tour of Christmas Trees- Thrifty Mom’s Tree!

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  2. That is AWESOME!! I love it. My husband is a crazed sports maniac who lovingly infected my sons as well, so we have a TON Of sports themed ornaments on our tree. My family would not settle for just one team – you are so nice to acquiesce to your Husband’s team :) Merry Christmas!

  3. What a pretty tree! Love the fact that your husband gets to win and get his tree and you win because you love the color! Very much win-win! Thanks for sharing in the Tour of Christmas Trees! Merry Christmas!
    Check out Sharon Williams’s awesome new post here! 2013 Tour of Christmas Trees #BlogEaseMy Profile

  4. I saw the colors and immediately thought you had great taste – the Seminoles, lol. San Francisco – not so sure as I do not watch professional football! It is still a beautiful tree. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Check out Jennifer Williams’s awesome new post here! Merry Christmas!My Profile

  5. That is so nice of you. I would personally go Orange and Blue for Chicago though.

    What about doing it all in SILVER for the cowboys one year. I bet that would look great.
    Check out A Little Bit of Everything’s awesome new post here! Merry ChristmasMy Profile

  6. Megan says:

    So pretty! Love the theme!
    Check out Megan’s awesome new post here! Merry Christmas! Tour of TreesMy Profile

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