Turkey, Bacon, Ranch Perfection with Hillshire Farm Naturals!

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Hi, my name is Amber and I am a sandwich addict! I likely consume more sandwiches than I should in a given week, but who can resists the ease of creating such a simple meal? Not t mention there is no wrong or right way to go. You can add your own touch in any way you prefer. Unfortunately, not everyone n my house agrees with this. You see, I love to buy simple lunch meats out of the refrigerated section of my grocery store. My husband will freak if you use this to make is sandwiches! He feels deli meat is on a different level and no prepackaged meat cold ever compare. so, it is my mission in life to find a way to prove this wrong! I recently had the chance to sample a new product from the Hillshire Farm line. They now have Hillshire Farm Naturals. So what did I think? And did i finally complete my mission? Well, lets start with packaging. Compared to my “normal” brand purchased lately, the packaging is superb.It actually seals when closed to lock in freshness. The container is actually decent enough that it can be hand washed and reused! A big plus in my book.

hillshire farms

The meat itself is also way different. Just look at the phot below. These are both roasted turkey breast. One is a very off color (isn’t turkey breast supposed to be white??) The off color one s the brand I have been buying! What was I thinking?? No wonder my husband hates my choices! Not to mention, the other brand has this wet, almost slimy feeling to it. Hillshire Farm Naturals did not have this same feeling. I guess it is the “natural” aspect, no artificial ingredients or preservatives and no added nitrates or nitrites make this not only look better, but feel better as well. I have always been a huge fan of turkey sandwiches but now I feel like a goober because I have really been missing out!

hillsire farms2

So, after seeing and feeling these differences, I had to put it to my taste test. One of my all time favorite sandwiches is a simple turkey, bacon and ranch. So simple, so flavorful, and almost sandwich perfection! So I gathered my favorite ingredients and got to building a yummy turkey, bacon,, ranch using Hillshire Farm Naturals.

hillshire farms 3

Its simple to make. All you need is your favorite ranch dressing, a slice of american cheese, a few pieces of crispy, cooked bacon, a nice thick slice of tomato, and 4 slices of Hillshire Farm Naturals slow roasted turkey. Spread the ranch on both slices of bread. Add the tomato, bacon and cheese. If you want a nice, meaty sandwich, but want to save on the meat, its just a simple trick in building. Take a slice of the lunch meat, fold it n half, and then fold that in half again. It will almost look like a slice of pizza with triangle edge yet rounded on the side. Do this with each of the 4 pieces and arrange on the bread to form a circle. Works so well to save on meat but give a nice filling sandwich! Then cut it in half (we HAVE to have triangles…. but if you feel the need to be an oddball, but it in rectangles) 🙂

hillshire farms 4

I have to admit, it was the best turkey, bacon, ranch I have ever made. The Hillshire Farm Naturals slow roasted turkey was so good! My husband ALMOST agreed to eat it. He says if he had no access to deli lunch meat, he’d absolutely eat this before any other brand of lunch meat I have ever bought. So that says a lot! As for me and the kids, this will be a regular purchase in our house! You can find it at you local Walmart, or use the store locator online. They also have Hillshire Farm Naturals Ham as well! Hillshire Farm Naturals stands behind their products by offering a 100% refund for every package of meat that a consumer is not happy with! So make sure to give it a try. It’s risk free so you may as well!

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