Twelve Days Of Baking



We all have a yummy guilty pleasure that we try and stay away from. But at Christmas, it is universally acknowledged that you get to eat whatever you want. And what more fun can you have than to make your very own tasty treats? And not only that, but you can use your baking sessions to create gifts, to spend time with family and just to have fun. You don’t have to be Mary Berry either; baking can be as simple as you want to make it.

Just Decorating

Ease your way into your baking extravaganza with a just decorating task. Get yourself a gingerbread house kit – there’s a great, ready baked one from ikea – and just spend the afternoon assembling and decorating it as a family.

DIY Gifts

Why not just assemble the ingredients in a DIY gift package for someone else? That way you can pass on the baking fever. Some great ideas include gingerbread, brownies and even hot chocolate kits (not exactly baking, but a great gift nonetheless – plus you can add a little bottle of Baileys to make it a little bit more grown up.)


Good old fashioned chocolate-chip cookies are a great easy bake. Plus, they are an essential part of Santa’s tray on Christmas Eve. You can even bake these for all your vegan friends with this recipe.


Contrary to popular belief – or just the belief of non-bakers, shortbread is a simple recipe to follow – the danger is just in making it too dry. You can infuse it with lemon or lavender for a fresh taste, or go more festive with orange or ginger.

Mulled Wine

A bit of a cheat on this list – but we’ll class it as baking purely because you use ingredients and heat… Mulled wine is a staple drink of the Christmas holidays and is so simple to make.


We mentioned them as a DIY gift because they use so few ingredients and are so tasty. Add chunks of chocolate for a decadent feel, sprinkle toasted walnuts for a bit of crunch, and even go vegan with avocado.

Mini Yule Log

Everyone loves a bit of yule log at Christmas, so why not bake some mini ones as a family this year? Sunny has a great mini roll baking challenge you could follow.

Prosseco Cupcakes

Love prosseco? Love cupcakes? Then why not put the two together with some strawberries of course. These beautiful, tasty cupcakes are great for any get together – and the alcohol with have baked off in the oven, so they’re perfect for everyone.

Mince Pies

Who can have a Christmas without mince pies? A bit more technique is needed here, but if you don’t want to make your own pastry, then get some just roll, and you’re set.

Pumpkin Pie

Take a page out of our cousins from across the pond – pumpkin pie is a staple dessert at an American Christmas, so why not give it a go this year?

Blackforest Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a beautiful ending to a perfect Christmas dinner – and so is the black forest gateaux, so why not combine them both with this Jamie Oliver recipe?


One is almond flour and egg whites, the other coconut shavings and a sweet filling – whichever your pleasure, these are great to make, to give as gifts, and to just munch away on.

Christmas Pudding

And who could make a Christmas Baking list without the all-important Christmas Pudding? A lot of families have their own recipe, but they are easy enough to find elsewhere. Just remember that sixpence!

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