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My step son is really in to baseball. He started playing T-ball when he was only 4 or 5 and has played ball practically every year since then. I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate a baseball theme into his room. Uncle Milton had the perfect product to bring the baseball stadium right into his room! I had never seen Wild Walls by Uncle Milton until recently and I have to admit they are pretty darn cool! I received the Baseball Star Wild Walls kit from Uncle Milton for review and I can not wait to have it installed once his room is repainted!

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This is probably the most unique wall decal/ night light set I have ever seen in my life. Wild Walls comes with decals to decorate your wall in the given theme. In our case this was a baseball field, ball players, and stars. These decals can be positioned in any way you like to create your unique design. The decals are also reusable so you can peel and re-stick if necessary. (this is perfect for someone who constantly changes their mind on the theme of their room!)

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Along with the decals is an FX activator (night light as I call it) But it is much more than a night light! You simply hang this baseball shaped light below your decals with the included hardware. It is not really big so it doesn’t take away from the decals, but it matches well with the theme. Once installed, you can push the button to activate. A light will shine and perfectly illuminate the decals. It shines up to 20 square foot of coverage! With anther push of the button you turn your room into a baseball stadium. Complete with many sound effects you would hear in a real ball game! The FX activator also includes a light show with lights dimming and brightening throughout as they would in a real field. It is really cool to watch and hear!

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I love that it features an auto shut off. No fear of it being left on all night to completely drain the batteries (which by the way are even included in the package!) This is an amazing git idea! I now have to invest in the Disney’s Cars Wild Walls for my youngest sons room! I know he will just love that! Check out the complete line of Wild Walls on the Uncle Milton web site along with their other great product lines and you are sure to find something to delight any child on your list! Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter while you are at it!

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