Upflush Toilets Are Really A Thing?

I love to learn new things. One day, I will know everything if I have my way. (yeah yeah, I know… good luck) For now, I just try to learn something new daily. Today, I learned about UpFlush Toilets. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It sounded a bit nuts at first but oh boy it has opened a whole new world of ideas for me! You see, we bought our house two years ago and plan to put some work into it. Then, we will be selling it to buy a house we went. Our goal is a house with a basement. We really wanted one and some how we decided on a house without one. Our next house WILL have a basement! But, my big concern is having a bathroom in the basement. I’ve always wondered how that would work. How hard would it be to place a bathroom (at least a toilet and sink) into a basement? I’d HAVE to have one there to be happy. Yet many houses I have looked at do not include one. I couldn’t imagine the cost of plumbing and what we’d have to go through to add one if we found that perfect house that was lacking it. Well, I now have my answer!

Did you know they make toilets for basements specifically for circumstances like this?? Its called an upflush toilet. Yes, it can do exactly that. there is a pump that pulls waste upwards to be removed into your existing piping even if the toilet is located below the waste line. I know, it sounds gross and cool at the same time right? Apparently there is no need to cut holes in floors and add pricey drains. This system can do it all with minimal plumbing work required. I guess I am a bit amazed at the thought for some reason. How have I not heard more about this?


I may even have to look into Saniflo toilets for my current house when we start remodeling. Our bathrooms are our biggest problem space. Whoever created them did a pretty awful job with the layout. ( I mean really, you see that photo? Why is there a toilet way back there taking up a huge space yet the tub and sink are crammed into the  front portion) From day one we have discussed HOW to go about redoing them so that they make more sense and utilize the space we have better. What better way to help simplify things slightly than to use an upflush toilet to add a bathroom where we need it? I seriously see my options opening up now! For those of you who prefer doing your own home projects, have you ever heard of this or had any experience with it? I’d love to hear first hand how it worked for you!

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