Wax Vac Review

In my house, we all have issues with wax build up in our ears. I know it is not good to use q-tips, but we use them daily! I can’t stand to see it or feel the wax in my ears. I have always wondered how else to go about removing it if we didn’t use q-tips. So, when I was given the chance to review the Wax Vac I was excited for the opportunity!

The Wax Vac is a little machine that has a slight suction effect. When placed in the ear, it is supposed to gently suck out excess wax and liquid (water or ear drops) It runs on batteries and even has a light on the opposite end to maybe look into your little ones ears if the need arises to remove a foreign object! (we’ve all been there!) It also comes with a small brush to help keep the machine clean as well as little silicone tips to protect the ears. The tips come in multiple colors so you can use them for each member of the family.

The Wax Vac is fairly simple to use. Simply attach the silicone tip, stick it slightly into the ear canal and turn it on. You can move it around in the ear to target the wax or water. The gentle suction is supposed to pull it out the ear and into a small chamber. Once done, you simply turn it off, unscrew the chamber and empty it out. You can wipe it clean and use the brush on the little filter.

So did it work? I used ear drops to help loosen the wax in my ears for a better outcome. Of course the drops break up the wax with no issue. I then use the Wax Vac to suck it out. I honestly did not have much luck and found myself running for the q-tips to clean my ears out as I HATE anything in my ear. I examined the machine and found the problem to be the seal. It is not very well constructed and air escapes very easily which of course extremely lessens the suction. I pulled out my scotch tape and taped around the seal and tried again. This time I had MUCH better luck! There was actually a nice amount of suction. It did not get all the wax and seems it does better for the dry wax chunks then on the sticky wax. I think with a little work this product could be a real hit. I will still use mine from time to time if I ever get water in my ears. I will just make sure to tape the seal so that it works wonderfully!


If you would like to purchase a single WaxVac, check out this deal on Amazon.com

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  1. shannon says:

    I love that there is a honest review on this the the 5 star reviews on the wax vac site. I have constant issues with wax build up in just one ear and may just try the tape trick lol. Thank you

    • thriftymom613 says:

      =] It definitely works much better with the tape. Just make sure to use simple clear tape that is easy to remove so that you can open it to lean it easily.

      • sonnyneu says:

        Nylon tape such as what is used to help seal up plumbing things may be a good solution also. I was thinking of trying this cause I always seem to have water feel in my ears and q tips don’t really help.

        • Diane says:

          Be careful! check out the site: http://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/wax-vac.aspx and read the reviews before ordering this product. I was going to order for my husband until I read all the negative reports, especially about how much you end up getting charged on your credit card. Bad company!

        • Kim says:

          Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how everyone is talking about which tape is better to use to FIX the NEW product which you’ve just purchased!! I’m quite astounded that so many are willing to discuss which fix is better – it’s a BRAND NEW product, for heaven’s sake – and obviously shoddily made – there should be NO fixing! Just my opinion 🙂

          • carmen says:

            hahahahahaha new products shouldnt have to be fixed or adjusted lol and i bet its going to be a recall for making people deft !!!

          • walterjose795 says:


          • stirner says:

            The seal is weak on purpose, they don’t want the thing to actually work because in order to work the suction would have to be strong enough to possibly damage the eardrum. If you tape it up to improve suction the Wax Vac company won’t be liable for your perforated eardrum…

    • Emmajean Smith says:

      Ear candles! They are the answer. Each company uses a different grade linen so they burn hotter or cooler. I love my ear candles 🙂


      • Elle says:

        Please don’t use ear candles. Studies by medical professionals have proven that this method does not work and can be dangerous. Here’s a link:

        • Vicky says:

          I disagree. Ear candles do work. I have used them.

          • Mark says:

            Ear candles worked very well for me too. Think about it – the flame burning at the end draws oxygen through the tube, which also creates a suction. However, after reading this honest review, I am going to buy the Wax-vac.

          • Alicia says:

            Ear candles absolutely do not work. It says they are a novelty item right on the box. Burn one without putting it in your ear and it will look exactly the same inside.

        • Dr. Elle says:

          REGARDING EAR CANDLES: As a medical professional I cannot urge people enough NOT to use them. The above poster, Elle, is 100% correct- THEY DO NOT WORK. To the people commenting that “they DO work”- this is incorrect and backed by every medical study that has been done on them. The wax / debris / build up you are seeing is NOT from your ear. It is from the candle/paper and other contents that are burning. In medical school I actually participated conducting a study on them, and have read pretty much everything on the topic. I think that there are some wonderful alternative-medicine procedures out there and incorporate some into my practice. Ear candling is NOT one of them. Besides the fact that it can actually CAUSE damage, the companies that provide ear candling are snake oil salesmen, scamming people out of their money on something that has been proven time and again to have no benefit whatsoever. To the people who claim it does work, I would love to see proof. Any. In my studies we have dissected the wax left after candling sessions, studying the components. Not ONE time has the wax EVER contained the type of debris or wax that is found in the ear canal. What we found was strictly synthetic wax and debris components directly from the candle and burning material. What you are seeing / being told is from your ear is absolutely not. Before you continue to waste money, please research it. You will see that you are completely being scammed and taken advantage of, and there have been exactly ZERO times out of hundreds of studies showing ear candling is effective. I don’t understand how people can continue to argue that it does work when medical professionals (myself included) have solid, scientific proof that it does not. It’s like arguing the sky is green.

          • christina says:

            does anyone else think it is “odd” that the poster above was named.. Elle and then here comes DR.ELLE geesh atleast change your name :/
            I LOVE ear candling .. as well as will be buying this nifty gadget 😉

          • mykeeX says:

            Hey Dr. Elle,
            I got 1 question..

            Responsible manufacturers of ear candles don’t claim they remove ear wax or anything else from the ear. Only if an ear candle is improperly made or used can it cause injury. There are some shoddy candles on the market.

            Statistics show that approximately 195,000 people are killed every year by medical errors in the US. The study notes that about 1.14 million patient-safety incidents occurred among the 37 million hospitalizations in the Medicare population over the years 2000-2002.
            Hospital costs associated with such medical errors were estimated at $324 million in October 2008 alone. Between 15,000 and 19,000 malpractice suits are brought against doctors each year
            There are more than 100,000 deaths every year in the USA from drugs approved by the FDA that were prescribed correctly.

            The American medical system is the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States.
            Where on the list does ear candles rank?

        • Mandi says:

          I’ve had medical people tell me to use them, so they can’t be that bad. Also, they really do work.

      • JanaM says:

        I have used ear candles for over 15 yrs, and they work every time!! It was a doctor who recommended them, and I have been a fan ever since!
        Check out JanaM’s awesome new post here! New Year, New Me!My Profile

      • Rick D'Angelo says:

        Ear candles are the biggest scam going. The wax you thought was in your ear was inside the candle. Every medical and audiological organization is opposed to this worthless, potentially dangerous practice. Ears should only be cleaned when necessary, and then only by a physician, nurse or audiologist. Period.

        • Mindy says:

          I totally disagree. I have been using ear candles for years with much success. You can look at them and see what color they are (white/linen) and the wax inside after cutting them open after your done is a totally different color (orange/brown). I have also used them on my husband and they worked for him as well. The wax inside after they have burned down is the same color as the ear wax on your Q Tips. They also sometimes have little hairs inside too. If you don’t get a good seal on your ear and the candle smokes, then you aren’t sitting it in there correctly and they WON’T work. They also draw up little bits of dead skin which can look like white wax. I think the people who say they don’t work just haven’t used them correctly.

          • Paul says:

            It’s not a question as to whether or not you agree. The issue is that multiple highly reputable medical professionals have spoken out against the method. It has been shown to do more hard than good and is often associated with many ear injuries. Unless you have been to medical school or are involved in publishing medical research articles I suggest you stick to professional opinion.

          • Randy says:

            I know they don’t work. I had a nurse friend look in my ears and told me they were pretty bad. She gave four ear candles to use. After I used two in each ear, it looked like I got a lot out. Then she looked in my ears again and they looked just as bad.

      • calmtruth says:

        Try burning one without placing in ear. The “impurities” and “wax” appear whether in the ear or out. I was using them for years before someone pointed this out to me. I can admit it – I was scammed. Live and learn. It is a good excuse to relax and meditate though…and the contact if someone is assisting you is nice

      • Joy-Ann says:

        I think ear-candling is what started my ear problems.

        I’m not 100% sure, but ever since I started having the candling done once-per-year, after 3x, (3 yrs) ever since I’ve had nothing but problems with water after a shower or a swim not draining properly from my ear that have required a twice-per-year visit to the ear doctor for ($150) professional ear-wax build-up removal that I didn’t have prior to ear candling. Sucks.

        If I don’t go every 5-6-months to get it removed professionally from the ear doctor I am in great discomfort. I personally would NOT recommend ear-candling – EVER … and especially not for children.

    • Tresa Pickup says:

      I ordered this for my son, as he always has wax build-up in his ears. I specifically ordered “1” as I didn’t want to pay separate S&H charges for the free “bonus” one. Well, they sent me “2” anyway and charged me the extra S&H. I then was EXTREMELY disappointed with how it worked (or should say, DIDN’T work). It did NOT pull wax from my son’s ears and we had to go about doing the drops and flushing like we normally do. Not worth it and honestly felt ripped off!

    • Annie Campbell says:

      This is a scam. The waxvac does not work worth a flip. Returning you get your original $10.00 back, but cost you 13.98 original shipping plus whatever it cost you to return it. Don’t purchase this product.

      • Paula Brackman says:

        I agree with you that waxvac .com is a scam. I was trying to order just the TV. bonus. Somehow I press the wrong buttons where they try to upgrade you. You cannot edit or cancel your order. My order came to 91.82. I immediately email to cancel order. They sent it any way. I refused the Package and they refunded only $51.00 They fit in an large envelope that would have fit in a $12.95 piority mail box I’m out off forty bucks.


  3. pattie says:

    Do you know how to get in touch with a live person to discuss my earwax machine I just purchased? It was supposed to cost $10.00 and by the time I got through with the machine operator it was over $100.00 for the set. Thank you.

    • David says:

      I hope you didn’t pay $100.00 it should only be 10.00+ 6.99+6.99=$23.98 and I heard not to use debit card use credit card. I think the best way is to order online .

    • abc123 says:

      This is the way all these guys operate. First they charge you more for postage and handling than for the product itself. Then they try to get you to buy a lot of extras. Then even if you say you don’t want them, they charge you anyway. And they will never let you buy just one because that wo7uld cut their profit in half. Then if you try to contact them, it’s almost impossible. And if you do get someone who promises a refund, you’ll never get it.

      NEVER order any of those “second one free—just pay shipping and handling”. They’re a scam.

      • Melinda says:

        That’s crap, cuz I did that with the meatloaf pan, and they DID EXACTLY what they said,sent me 2 meatloaf pans with the knives and all I did was pay the same amount of shipping on both pluas the price of 1 pan.

      • waxy dame says:

        Hey all you people, to avoid paying shipping and handling (which is a rip off) try your local Walmart store. It was located in the aisle “as seen on TV”. Maybe if your local Walmart dosen’t have, it you can use site to store…. Good luck. My machine worked great after I put the tape on it.

        • Heather says:

          CVS stores also have As Seen On TV aisles and I saw a Wax Vac for $9.99, so I was thinking about purchasing one… However, I am rethinking it after the reviews. If you know you want one but are worried about being overcharged, just pick one up at a store!

    • Fred says:

      I heard about Wax Vac on the TV. Sounded interesting as I have a problem with wax with my hearing aid. I called there phone number and got a tape. The tape started out with just the machine, by one get one free, and some drops which I agreed to a single bottle of the drops. The tape proceeded with a number of “opportunities” which I declined to accept. Eventually I just hung up. Not sure as to what my order ended up being and am nervous. I would like to call Wax Vac and check status. If not will call credit card company and cancel. I called last night,Dec. 3 about 8:00 p.m. Does anyone know how to contact there customer service. Thanks


    • pgl says:

      Save your money. I tried the wax vac. It has no power, would not even pick up a small piece of paper.

  4. Bob Bopp says:

    I use a 140cc Monoject Ear Syringe. Fill it with warm water, stick the angled tip in your ear, and push the plunger steadily – it effortlessly flushes all the ear wax without damaging anything. I’ve tried everything, and this is what works best for me.

  5. ginny says:

    next time get to the point!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diana says:

      WOW !!! what’s your prob? She may not have given the answer right away…but I’m glad she took the time to give helpful tips! NOBODY forced you to read it.

      Seriously…Thriftymom613, I hope they read your review & take it to heart. You have the gift of being objective,kind & positive! Obviously,not something just anyone is capable of, right GINNY????

    • sara allen says:

      get a grip! good grief.

      thank you for the review. i was thinking about buying it and your’s was the first thorough, honest one i’ve come across.

  6. ginny says:

    get to the point!!!!!!!

    • Bridget says:

      You need to learn to skim – it wasn’t that long and everything she wrote was pertinent. Sounds like you have issues that are worse than earwax buildup.

      • lauren says:

        HA HA I liked your answer; certainly sounds like ms ginny needs to chill out! I also wanted to read ALL of that long review, helps us decide whether to get it or not!


      • SuzyQ says:

        LOL I am with Bridget on this one..
        Ginny….you are a (think of the most disparaging word for an uneducated/ignorant individual)… is that enough to the point for you?
        If you want succinct (look that word up, sweetie), you can read a children’s book (I am assuming that is where your comfort level when it comes to the written word).
        This was an *extremely* helpful review, filled with relevant details, insights, and tips. I thank the author for her candor and such an eloquent writing style. It never ceases to amaze me that the people who are so quick to expound the most criticism are those who do so under the blanket of anonymity the internet provides.
        Perhaps cognitive/behavioral therapy might help with your anger and impulse issues? Good luck with that (although I doubt you have read this far to glean anything from this diatribe).
        Oh, and here is a link to look up all the words I used that you will not comprehend:
        Take care, signed Someone-Sick-Of-Abusive-Trolls

    • Dan says:

      Troll. If you have nothing to contribute, then please be kind and refrain.

        • bill says:

          My mother bought me one because I saw it on tv and acted interested. What a waste of time and money that was. And she got it for like 15 from wal mart or some store. Not online. Im tempted to throw it away because just a waste of space and reminder of wasted money

  7. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to say great review! I will have to look at more of your reviews of products. Thanks!

  8. Sarah L says:

    Never heard of this before. I don’t have wax issues, but will pass info along to a friend. Thanks.

  9. Dan M says:

    Thanks for the review thriftymom613. I have been seriously considering purchasing the Wax Vac, but wanted to get some honest opinions which were not officially endorsed by the manufacturer before shelling out the money. You just saved me some cash, so I’m very grateful!

  10. Megan says:

    I just saw a commercial for this product over Thanksgiving holiday and my dad kept yelling out that he wanted it. Your review was very instructional and helpful, but I’m still undecided to get it for him or not. Thank you for your honest and relatively thorough opinion.

  11. Brent says:

    Good honest review. I don’t think I need the thing, but after seeing the commercial, I sought an impartial review, and got it here. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Brent J.

  12. HJG says:

    Be very careful using the device if you have modified it. The most probable reason for the air leak is to reduce the amount of suction and prevent damage to your eardrum and middle ear. It does not take a great deal of suction to create a problem. If you have modified the device and a problem occurs you have no legal recourse and the potential for a serious hearing problem.

    In general leave your earwax alone. It is your friend with antifungal and antibacterial properties that are good for your ear. The ear is designed to be self cleaning and the vast majority of individuals will not have a problem with wax impaction. If you do have a problem try over the counter drops and a warm shower to loosen the wax. If still having a problem see someone to remove it. Your family physician or an audiologist are good choices.

  13. Tracie S H says:

    Thanks, I was considering buying one for my son, but I want a good product that I don’t have to use tap on.
    Thanks again!!

  14. pat says:

    Like all rubber seal they get a little dried out from time to time just put a very thin coat of petroleum jelly over the seal and reassemble it problem solved!

  15. abc123 says:

    Thrifty Mom, you have to be crazy to order this product. Here’s on of many reviews at RipoffReport.com:

    “We ordered two delux units. They charged 6.99 shipping on each unit and an additional 6.99 on the uprade to the delux model. There was no way to change this once I made the choice. Outrageous shipping.

    “The WaxVac does not live up to the description on TV or on Internet. The “powerful” light is more of a twinkle and one unit will not even operate. What a ripoff.

    “It is disgraceful that a company can charge as much for shipping as this one does. Choosing a deluxe model should not merit a shipping charge of an additional $6.99 on top of the two already charged.”

    I am sure they make their profit from the shipping, not the product.

  16. Andrew says:

    … Some folks are terrified going to a dentist…For me its going to a ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor…always painful when they go in my right ear …i’m ordering this so that i have control when i insert the tip of this suctioning tip in my ear…Ordered it on nov. 21 paid for rush delivery $9.99…rush delivery is supposed to be 3-5 days…. today its nov 30th and STILL haven’t received it !!…Tracking was originally on Fedex after going to custmer status.com……got in touch with them (fedex) …was told shipment was transferred to local post office or UPS but tracking nows say NA (“not available”)…also does anyone knows what those “drops” contain?…can they be purchsed in a drug-store …also no way to contact them…no number on the web-site page …anyone have a number for them …

  17. woul like to have wax vac toll free number

  18. Trent says:

    They really cheat you on the shipping. $6.99 then force another $6.99 on you for the supposedly free second item.
    What a rip-off.
    These people are crooks. No other way around it.
    I am sure many people don’t take the time understand about the double shipping rip off.
    This makes me sad.

    • Janet says:

      All the ‘as seen on tv’ products add the shipping to the *free* second one. I agree it is a rip-off but I believe that is where they really make their money.

  19. Diane says:

    I found a phone# for customer service for the Wax vac !-866-595-3268 hours 8am to 10 pm hope this helps!!

  20. Don says:

    I saw the Wax Vac commercial on TV, found a web site and order one (second one supposedly free) for $10. By the time it was charged to my credit card, it was $23.98 ($13.98 shipping and handling). Still, I would have been satidfied had it worked. After a few days it arrived and I tried it for a few days, but it just wouldn’t do the job as advertised. I requested information on returning. They offered to discount it by $6.99 or I could return the units at my expense and get a refund of $10. I told them that this was unacceptable and told them that I wanted a full refund plus and allowance for return postage. All I got was another form email. I have now registered a dispute with my credit card company. I believe the company to be very disreputable and the product not proven.

    • Melinda says:

      Have you ever thought to put in a report to the Better Business Bureau? They can and will investigate your claim, and if found you are right, the BBB will shut them down.

      • calmtruth says:

        The BBB will not shut them down, but will create a “rating” for the business which is searchable by other consumers. One gets more result by contacting ones state attorney general to submit a consumer complaint. The state AG can shut them down in that state

  21. 5473 says:

    i will not buy this, wow so many negative comments

  22. Dan says:

    Great review. I almost thought of buying one, but it just looked really cheap. I am always leery of any ‘as seen on TV’ type of contraption.

  23. Emmajean says:

    Have you ever tried ear candling? Be careful as each is created differently. I have vertigo now so emai me and we can ex phonej numbers and I can tell you all about candlees and you can add it to your blog.

    Thanks for saving me the cash


  24. Rachel says:

    You mentioned that you used ear drops to loosen the wax before using the Wax Vac, but it seems to work better for dry wax chunks than sticky wax. Did you ever try the product without using the ear drops?

    • thriftymom613 says:

      I tried it on my one year old. He has little tiny hunks of wax that come out of his ear and it did much better for him then it did for me with the drops.

  25. socratesmihalikos says:

    Have issue with fluid buildup in one ear. Sometimes blocks hearing. Squeaks when I clench my jaw. Any suggestions for home care way to address? Also, been using sound blocking earplugs for over 10yrs now, religiously. Is there any danger in this?

  26. Will says:

    U shouldn’t have to fix this product before it works. Duh

  27. Kimberly says:

    My Dr told us to use peroxide in our ears….it sounds like a campfire in your ears….kids think its cool. Then you can simply use the water syringe to cleasnse. I use to use ear candeling at school and it does not work. We looked before and after and no change……if you get one of those candles and allow it to burn down and cut it open there will be build up (not earwax) and thats what your told came out of your ear. Hope this was helpful…
    Just a thought…would this vaccum suck the snot out of a stopped up nose?

  28. Tammra Atwood says:

    DO NOT ORDER! My son wanted one and so I attempted to order and no add one and got charged $91.00……And no way to cancel….I am not happy!….Just another scam to take peoples hard earned money….

  29. Dandy1 says:

    You’re right. Great review. I won’t be buying one now. I just went to a website called asseenontv.com They list all the things THEY have advertised on TV. The waxvac was not listed at all, so it is some other cheesy outfit.
    At the above site they list their returns policy (100% satisfaction), and phone numbers to contact them. Sounds like a much better place to shop.
    BTW I purchased the OrGreenic fry pan and LOVE it. But I went to Target and bought it off of their “as seen on TV” shelf. Didn’t pay shipping that way.

    • Melinda says:

      Before you use that pan, u have to “season” it before use, just like using cast iron (which I love). I have the pan and HATE it. It is scartched and noone here scratched it. I am the only one who cooks in that pan, but still everything sticks to it anyway, even though it shouldn’t. Be wary of that pan, just fore-warning

  30. Emma says:

    Asked my doc about this, suggested not to use. I have not purchased any buy 1 get 1 free item, as I have seen too much money out of pocket (including the shipping/handling fees) this is where they make their money. Nothing is free…you will pay $$$

    Thanks for the review

  31. Erica says:

    Can you describe what you mean when you say ‘seal’? I have one and I agree that the suction is not strong enough to get anything out of my ear. I dismantled mine and I can’t figure out where the seal is to tape on it. A picture or description would be a great help!! Thank you in advance!!

  32. Desmond says:

    I have found that most times you see items, the best thing to do it wait till it gets to reputable retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart etc. That was you can return it within 30-90 days if it does not work and you only have to buy one since you just pay the advertised price plus tax which is always cheaper that buying it from the website + the inflated P/H

    • Kathy says:

      That’s what I do. I learned my lesson with these buy-one-get-one-free (ha!) deals. I go to Walgreens and buy ONE; and then if I don’t like it, I take it back to Walgreens for a full refund. The tax is much cheaper than postage from the manufacturer.

  33. Wilhelm says:

    Thanks for your honest, objective review! I think I will stick to my usual routine of mineral oil, monthly flushing with an ear syringe, and occasional ear candles. The ear candles work by causing an updraft through the hollow candle, gently drawing all the stuff in your ear up and out of the ear, and it collects in the hollow space inside the candle. They are reliable, and they work best if you soften the wax first with mineral oil overnight (I have heard of some people using olive oil, and I suppose that would work too).

  34. Juan Valdez says:

    By this time next year, they’ll have lawsuits coming out their ears.

  35. Carl Nexdoor says:

    Would this work for removing ear mites from a cat?

    • thriftymom613 says:

      I honestly have no idea

    • safepethaven says:

      ABSOLUTELY NOT. Do NOT under any circumstances, use any device, chemicals, household products or gimmicky gadgets, including candles [paraffin, linen or otherwise] in or around the ears of any pet, in particular cats. The only thing to safely treat for ear mites is an approved medication from a qualified veterinarian, and properly administer as that DVM instructs. Not treating the pets for ear mites can permanently damage their hearing, not to mention secondary infections and untold suffering and discomfort.

  36. Mike says:

    Thank you for your review of wax vac. You said you only use it for getting water out of your ears from time to time. How do you get the wax out of your ears? Are you using something else besides wax vac?

    • thriftymom613 says:

      I am guilty of just using wax drops and q-tips. I know it is frowned upon, but it’s the only thing I have found to work for now.

  37. Mike says:

    You mentioned that you put tape on the seal to make the suction work better. What seal were you referring to?

  38. Carolyne says:

    I believe since this is an “as seen on tv” product, it should be in stores soon. There is actually as seen on tv stores in malls in the Los Angeles area. I’ll be looking to see if any of them carry it yet. Forget all that shipping.

  39. Greg says:

    DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT FROM COMPANY! IT IS A SCAM! As several replies have stated, they will OVERCHARGE your card. It was supposed to be a $10 purchase, but once transaction goes through, they actually charged $85! Called the company but only got the run-around. Only way to stop the transaction was to file a dispute with the bank. BEWARE – TOTAL SCAM!

  40. BBP says:

    I use the candles and they work GREAT! I tried the waxvac because it made sense that it would do the same thing as the candle and I could save some money. Works like SH_T and I mean SH_T! Don’t buy one and defiantly don’t pay for the upgrades a major scam!

  41. Tammy Money says:

    If you watch their commercial closely or if you go to their website you will see that their wording has been carefully chosen. While the name of the gadget suggests that it pulls the wax out of your ear, they clearly claim both verbally and graphically that the Wax Vac “gently draws dirt particles & moisture out quickly and safely!”

  42. J Bunton says:


  43. walter says:

    I honestly have no idea, but i believe and i like the cotton swabs it is cheap and available anywhere rather than this new stuff which is available just online and also u have to order all equipments,always the old things are good and never hurts you..

  44. Oregon Coaster says:

    Ha anyone tried “ear candles”? They worked for me. Available at health food stores. Been cleaning ears for over 2,000 years.

  45. Jame says:

    Can you use it for constipation?

  46. Jame says:

    warm some canola oil and pour it in your ear……wait a minute or two and rinse out thoroughly and directly from the shower.
    Warm is good enough…too hot can do harm.

  47. tammigirl says:

    Our friendly family doctor recommends a waterpik (Sold in the dental isle) for yor ears if your ear wax builds up and hardens.

    My grandparents use the candle, but the doc told us it was total nonsense and the ‘gunk’ was already in the candle.
    Check out tammigirl’s awesome new post here! Lights and OutletsMy Profile

    • jessica says:

      I saw this comercial on tv last night, and thought about getting it for my husband b/c he has bad wax build. But after all the negative reviews i dont think i will be purchasing one… you shouldnt have to work on something you buy… Thanks for all the help and the money you have saved me.

  48. paul schroering says:

    seen this product on tv,sounds to good to be true.glad .too many negative comments.this must be certified crap with lots of sugar coatings.only a screw ball would order this crap.stick it up where the sun does not shine..

  49. Seen this stupid thing on TV last night,after reading negative comments this has to be sugar coated crap. Please take your ear sucker and stick up where the sun does not shine.Only a screw ball would buy this product.

  50. Hello thrifty moms!

    Does anyone know if the EarVac Company would accept returns? Just in case my piece would not worked after the “trial & error.” I’m encouraged to try out this product after reading your positive input—as I am, too, have issues with ear wax build-up and after shower water deposits.
    ‘Tis the Christmas Season!
    Thanks much responders,

  51. Jeff says:

    There’s an old saying to the effect of not sticking “anything larger than your elbow” in your ear. I was seriously considering purchasing this device due to its low cost and wanted something other than my baby finger or Q-tips which I found myself using every time my ears “itched” for attention. Knowing that this just pushes the wax further down the ear canal, I figured I needed something to suck the gunk out—wet or dry. Glad I read this review—won’t buy one. Growing up in an Asian household, I’ve always used a simple Asian ear-cleaning “instrument” called “mimikaki”. Can’t seem to find it sold anywhere in the mainland. I seriously don’t recommend nor endorse this product—seek ENT advice and treatment. Just want to offer this as an alternative. Check out this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTeq72hzBFI

  52. Skeptical_Pam says:

    I appreciate your honest review, and like others have commented, you have saved me the money and frustration of buying a product that does not deliver what it claims. Thanks, ThriftyMom!

  53. Walt, RN says:

    2 Words why I wouldn’t use it: baro trauma.

  54. Joe says:

    I saw the commercial for this and it looked interesting as I always had a problem with excessive ear wax buildup as well as hearing loss. I asked my otolaryngologist about this and he told me to stay clear away from it and if ear wax gets heavily impacted, only have a doctor remove it, and that some earwax is a good thing because it helps ward off bacteria from the ear and it naturally falls out over time. He advised never to use a Q-tip as it pushes more wax in the ear than it takes out, and instead, and to shake your head when you come out of the shower to get ant water out, and place a couple of drops of mineral oil in each ear monthly.

  55. john esparza says:

    I order five of them for family gifts and they are worse then those live church programs who want you to buy bibles, and they will pray for you daliy. ripoffs.

  56. Louis M says:

    You are so beautiful thrifty mom

  57. Elle says:

    A 2005 study by Leong and Aldren revealed that these over the counter vacuums are ineffective in removing wax. Here is a link to an informative article regarding ear wax and its removal. http://american-hearing.org/disorders/ear-wax/

  58. Beth says:

    Thank you for all the honest reviews. My husband wanted me to order one, however, I never like to order from a tv commerical. I’m going to wait until it hits the “same as seen on tv” isle at WalMart, if it does. I’m not about to lose money on an item that has to be fixed before it works.

    • Vicki says:

      I wish I would have did that because I ordered one and it didn’t work then the company doesn’t give you all your money back, they keep $13.98. What a rip off. I wish I would have waited until it came into the store then I would have known it worked. I guess I learned, I won’t do that dumb mistake again.

  59. Rose says:

    Unfortunately I purchased two, one for myself and one for my father and neither of them worked. It was like taking your money and throwing out the window. My daughter came over and tried it and the same thing so I know that it wasn’t about me not knowing how to use. The instructions were read carefully by many family member with no luck. Don’t waste your energy on this product.

  60. Teresa flimmons says:

    I’ve never used it before but I’m going to get it so my kids can use it!!!!!!!


  61. Lisa says:

    I just saw the commercial for this item on TV and it never ceases to amaze me at what people will buy. I mean really, a wax vac? It this thing for real? And the doctor telling you in is danergous to use Q-tips? I have never heard of anyone having Q-tip trauma. I think that the statistics should be checking on how many people have had to go to the emergency room because they misused their Q-tips. It is commom sense not to plunge the Q-tip into your ear, are they relying on the average person to be so stupid that they would hurt themselves and now need this VAC for thier ears? I beg all of you, just get a warm cloth and clean your ears. Give the money that you would spend on this to the needy. Maybe someone who can’t afford the Q-tips.

  62. I was excited to see this product on TV. I’ve had issues with wax since I was a baby and had an op to remove an infectious mass. To make ear matters worse I pierced my right tragus at the beginning of college and that increased irritation/wax/infection issues as well. I visited my ENT in LI who used a small suction vacuum in both my ears to remove the wax and skin build up. When I started going to him for it I actually had a horrible infection in my piercing and my ear was quite swollen and blue. By keeping the canal clean with the vacuum (which felt AMAZING by the way!) the infection sorted itself out. I honestly don’t recollect taking an antibiotic for it. So while I highly recommend an ENT visit for a good ear suction/vacuum, do so in moderation and more importantly I think it’s pretty uncommon so not sure how easy it will be to find. I will echo the chorus of those who say using cotton swabs are bad–it’s def not good to poke around with them in your ear, you can damage your ear drum.

  63. Sher says:

    I don’t believe they are ripping us off. I sell online and most modest packages are around $6.95 a package to ship through the shipping companies now, and the more weight you put to them the higher that price goes. In most cases businesses receive a discount because they ship many packages, so if you were to ship this item yourself if would cost you more. You also have to factor in the cost of the packing supplies, and if they are paying someone to prepare the package for shipping. I feel $6.95 per item whether the second is free or not is extremely fair. What the company may want to do is what other companies are doing and up the price and have the shipping included in the total price. Many customers don’t realize that there is no such thing as Free Shipping. This is a tactic for businesses to use, so they don’t have to deal with customers complaining about paying for shipping to and from a place. If you purchase a Free Shipped item be aware that in that total price you are paying the shipping fee it’s just not written out as an amount, but that $6.95 in that $19.95 order is there. Now if they are uping your order or charging you more than $13.90 for both on the shipping then you have a complaint. If you also listen to the commercial they usually state Buy One Get One Free, but all the As Seen On Tv Commercials usually state just pay the shipping cost. We as human beings only hear what we want to hear and that is the “Free” in the commercial. Before you buy listen to the commercial, and always us a card where you can dispute the cost or the item itself. Most credit card companies and banks if you use a debt card will dispute the charge if you call them and sign a form stating this is not what you agree too or the product is faulty, and not as described. Always use return tracking if you return an item to a company, so you have proof that they received it. I hope this helps all of you, and thanks for the review I’m going to give it a whirl and try it, and if they up me on charges I will dispute through my bank.

  64. Misty says:

    I ordered the wax vac and thought it to be very useless! It did not work at all for me! When I called to return the item I was informed that I would pay to ship it back to them, which of course I figured that, but then i was told that I would be refunded $10.00 to my credit card. Basically in the end I would end up paying more to ship it back! I paid $10 for the wax vac, $13.** and some change for shipping, for a total of $23.**, if I ship it back I pay another $13.** for shipping and handling, and they refund my card $10.00, so if I ship it back to them I end up paying $26.**, so more money! I am very unsatisfied with this whole thing!

  65. simple dude says:

    I get wax buildup due to my work conditions. I’ve found that dropping mineral oil in my ear and waiting five minutes. I then go to the sink, grab the syringe, an use warm water to flush out the chunks. You’d be surprised on the amount of junk that is in your ear canal.

  66. Angeleyes21495 says:

    Remember you do not want too powerful a suction in your ear, it will rupture your ear drum. When I was younger (9), I had to go to a specialist to get my ear vacuumed because of a perforated ear drum was healing. Ear wax does have a purpose and you should not attempt to remove it all. Ear candles do work if used properly, at least it did for my son with insane earwax build up (you could see a ball larger than his canal about once a year). If you use the ear candles do not lay your head down and have then perpendicular to your head, but rather sit up and have someone else burn it at an elevated angle and you can use a wax earplug (found in most drug stores and walmart) to help seal around the tip, which is suppose to be at the opening of the canal, not pushed clear in the canal. I am waiting for my vac to come. But if you have a serious wax problem ask your doctor to refer you to a ears, nose and throat specialist and be extremely cautious with putting anything near your ears.

    • Angeleyes21495 says:

      I forgot to mention…instead of q-tips, I use Clinere ear cleaners and instead of the blue bulb for ear irrigation, I bought an ear wax removal syringe which has a unique head that lets the water flow out and triple stream of water that doesn’t go directly at the ear drum and is flared so it cannot be shoved too far in the ear. I got the syringe at CVS and the Clinere at Wal-mart.

    • nik says:

      What does the ear candles feel like? Does the sound crackle in your ear like the solution? Does it take out a lot of wax ? Should my mom or a professional do it ?

  67. Neil says:

    This is probably made in China.
    I’ll stick my solution to cleaning out my ears by using my waterpik.
    All I have to do is add a little hydrogen peroxide and luke warm water and set it on low and within a couple of minutes my ears are cleaned out and watch all the gunk go down the drain.

    • haydie says:

      yes i do agree with you,my doctor surely told me the same thing,better and also safe….and i tell you somthing it does work…thank you…good luck..

  68. ROBYN HALL says:

    Thanks for the info was thinking about getting one.

  69. Sarah says:

    When I saw this commercial on TV, I could not stop laughing. Who would buy such a stupid product? I’m also surprised at how many people believe $6.95 is ridiculously expensive for shipping. I’d love to pay that price for shipping when I buy things online – which I do often ($10 shipping is the usual for me). I’d advise everyone to avoid this product and stick to q-tips.

  70. Susan says:

    Why not go to an As Seen On TV store and buy one. No propaganda to buy more and no credit card info shared!!!

  71. Marcia Krenzel says:

    Don’t buy this piece of crap ! Second one free -I don’t think so !

  72. J o fengman says:

    S&h is the hooker. Do notbuy

  73. nik says:

    Ok, I swear I have an ear phobia…I also hate anything in my ears. I have lots of wax in my ears bc I feel it but you can’t see it coming out. I don’t use q tips anymore bc once I pushed the wax in and it felt freaking gross. Ever since, I’e had probles. I tried the ear wax removal liquid stuff, it works but I hate it, I cringe & my mother thinks I’m ridiculous. Now, you mentioned this wax vac is better for dried wax. Mine is sticky… Do you think it will still work for me? I feel like it will just build it up and not bring my wax out.
    * I use bobby pins to clean the surface of my ear, it drags it out with out pushing it down like a q-tip

  74. Donna says:

    I am waiting to see if this product starts to sell in K-Mart or Walmart, somewhere it can be returned if I am not pleased with it. If an item is worthy enough, stores WILL start to sell it. If they know it to be falsely advertised, they [sic] won’t want to deal with the hassles of numerous returns.

  75. Amelia pond says:

    The wax vac is AMAZING!!!!! The gentle sucking sensation calms me when I get upset. My therapist reccomended it for my anger issues. Now Iive a normal healthy life, no more cotton swabs and agonizing ear infections which give me sharp chestpains from time to time. I love multi Colored tips my therapist says I get to pick the color next time I get upset. My favorite color is red that’s what color my face turns when I yell. Thank you wax vac for making my life livable again!!!!!!

    • The Situation says:

      I really like your review. I’m glad the wax vac saved your life. If it breaks, don’t forget the suicide solution. Have a nice day and stay away from knives and assault weapons.

  76. JBH says:

    Any product that requires the assistance of Scotch Tape right out of the box, can’t be too great.

    Q-Tips have worked for me for a long time now, plus they don’t require the hassle of having to get batteries and then taping this contraption to the side of my head. As long as you aren’t a complete dope like the guy portrayed on the commercials, you should be okay.

    If it ain’t broke.

  77. Seymore says:

    HJG says:

    November 27, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Be very careful using the device if you have modified it. The most probable reason for the air leak is to reduce the amount of suction and prevent damage to your eardrum and middle ear. It does not take a great deal of suction to create a problem. If you have modified the device and a problem occurs you have no legal recourse and the potential for a serious hearing problem.

    In general leave your earwax alone. It is your friend with antifungal and antibacterial properties that are good for your ear. The ear is designed to be self cleaning and the vast majority of individuals will not have a problem with wax impaction. If you do have a problem try over the counter drops and a warm shower to loosen the wax. If still having a problem see someone to remove it. Your family physician or an audiologist are good choices

    This is the best answer for all. HJG had it right. Wax is to protect your ears from outside contamination. Just use a little hydrogen peroxide and warm water and your good to go.

  78. rob says:

    Wax Vac is a scam- you get auto enrolled into third party products i.e. a gas savers club and other products. Don’t buy this bait and switch gimmick.

  79. Wendi says:

    I just bought the waxvac, so I’ve no idea how it works yet . I do however have to mention something. Everyone is complaining about the shipping charges, but if you read it again it’s not a shipping & handling charge at all. It a Processing & Handling charge. Processing & Handling aren’t based on any shipping rates.
    According to my receipt I was only charged what waxvac asked for outright, which was $6.99 for each $13.98 for both.
    When I receive the waxvac I’ll post on it’s function.

  80. Sue says:

    I do away with ALL the scammer headaches described if I want to order something from, “as seen on tv” by waiting until the item comes out in the stores…and they always do. Target, Fred Meyer…they have great “ASOTV” sections. I would rather pay $9.99 plus tax for ONE item, and have the option of returning it HASSLE FREE if I’m not completely satisfied. Think of the scammers we could put out of business, if everyone who was tempted to pick up the phone and place an infomercial order…DIDN’T!

    Buy in in the store, save youself a headache.

  81. Amy Grant says:

    After I watched this infomercial over and over and wanting to purchase but skeptical…I tried an alternative solution just to see if it would work too. I have a hand held dirt devil with an attachment to clean out the vent in my dryer. I inserted a straw into the the attachment and stuck in my ear and it removed the ear wax and water as well. If you have one of the hand held dirt devils you should try this before purchasing at least until they have them in stores in the “as seen on t.v.” isle

  82. sara says:

    hello, i wonder how the wax vac works for the watery-waxy build up my 11 y.o. son has in his ears. you can even hear its sound when he touches his ear :O

    • Dr. Elle says:

      No, it will not. Every doctor will tell you to steer clear of this product. Absolutely does not work. I would ask your sons doctor what he/she recommends, as it sounds like something that really needs to be addressed. There are several decent products on the market that do work a doctor can recommend. (Also, make sure to steer clear of ear candling, I posted above how I studied this “procedure” in medical school and it is a complete scam).

  83. onefeather says:

    Ear candles do work, have been using them for years. It seems that anything that works and is good and Does Not cost a lot they tell you it is bad.

  84. Tammy Schweitz says:

    I would like too get this I hope it works great my fiancee has problems with his ears thanks

  85. Balmohan says:

    In fairness to the selling company, it does mention (albeit in fine print) with the wording: “By clicking the “PROCESS ORDER” button, you will be placing a live order. Each offer ordered today totals to $23.98.” This translates to almost $ 12.00/Each for getting 2 such units delivered to your steps. This ‘Buy one get one free’ gimmick practice is fairly common (remember, the Orgreenic frying pan deal -which by the way comes out cheaper at Kohls when you use that 30% off discount coupon coming in the mail, while not required to actually buy 2 units from that TV offer). Also, I would recommend using the ‘white teflon sealing tape’ that plumbers use for tight fittings. It’s easy to use without any sticky mess -easy to remove too. I’m yet to experiment this WaxVac unit as I prefer to go to my ENT specialist once an year, who flushes my ear with hot water and brings out that lumpy wax build up (yuck) with my health insurer fully covering his $ 165.00 or so charges for his five minutes work. Now you tell me if I should ever order this controversial WaxVac? And this is before Obamacare is to take effect. Once the wax gets removed, my hearing improves to the extent that I can hear what my wife talks behind my back. Cheers!

  86. Anthony Tiona says:

    WaxVac is a piece of sh&%$#t. Won’t even suck up a Kleenex tissue laying flat on a countertop. So how do you expect it to suck out wax. Sure wasted my money. Product could have had merit with a stronger motor and suction power. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  87. LS Kline says:

    This was the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. I hate that I even tried this machine. It is a joke!
    I am with the previous folks who has posted. I will stick to the ear candles.

  88. Ellen says:

    I want to be sure if it is really good before I buy it .. Please describe this how it does ok ?? Thank you

  89. Jen says:

    Thanks for the review. I will not buy it now but will wait until I can find it in the stores. Then, much easier to return. In the meantime I will just continue to use Debrox.

  90. Mel says:

    I can’t believe how obsessed you all are with ear wax!!! With the exception of a few people with small ear canals or eczema of the ear canal it really does not need to be removed. The ear will take care of it NATURALLY! Just wipe the outer ear with a washcloth, and leave the rest of it alone.

  91. StacieLynn says:

    The reason for the additional shipping is both SHIPPING & HANDLING emphasis intended. I worked for a company that did a lot of filling of TV marketed items years ago. We were not the intial boiler room people that you call, we were the customer service, data entry, & fulfillment center that handled outgoing shipments & returns. The handling you are paying for with your shipping is the money to pay for the physical labor that is needed to pack the additional item, the larger box, and any requirements that the product owners call for i.e. plastic shell that holds the product in place, styraphom, tissue paper, signature sticker, shipper label, etc. So if shipping is usually $4.99 for a product if you or I took it to the UPS or FEDEx store, etc. then the additional amount covers the box, required elements, & labor to pack (the employee that is putting this product in the box & putting your shipping label on it).

    Now I am in no way standing up for this company in particular, I am just letting people know the reason for the additional fee for S&H. I did look at this website & they do bring up the additional S&H upfront which I have seen on the TV commercial too.

    After reading how this product needs to be altered to work well I will not be ordering it as well as the reviews I have read about it being typicially charged too much. This is the unfotunate part of the boiler room order taking. I have cleaned it up before from a product when the intitial order takers were sending over the same product to be shipped multiple times to the same person, as many as 5 times easily. They were sent with different salespeoples names at times, sometimes sent with the same salesperson, it was crazy. This was a product a person would only need one of unless purchasing another one for a family member, rarely would anyone purposely purchase multiples of such a product. Unfortunately this happens more than many would like to admit & if the organization is not large enough or with a good company like the one I worked with it can be very hard to get this straightened out.

    Best advice is to use a Credit Card that is not a debit card, you can fight charges on a Credit Card in ways that you cannot fight debit card charges. This also does not take money you planned on using for gas, food, & rent, etc. No waiting 6months plus to get your money back.

    Good Luck to those who have had trouble. I hope this helps explain why you get the charges you do for shipping an additional product. Also realize there are those in the customer service industry that do really want to help you out & work ethically, I was one of them before I switched to another job where I service stores products which I love doing!

  92. Jamie says:

    OMG, I wish I found your review on “WAX VAC” before me and my grandma order one! We just got our “wax vac” in the mail yesterday and we used it on both of my kids…..they always have dirty ears and lets just say q-tip is 10x better then this little white vac!

  93. Paula says:

    When I brush my cats, I see a lot of dry skin (dander) in their fur.
    I’ve been looking for a small vac to use to vacuum the dry skin off my cats.
    I assume it’s quiet. Does anyone think it’ll work????

  94. JOn says:

    You should consider using teflon plumbing tape (it’s white) for the gap and then add scotch tape for a super seal.
    Check out JOn’s awesome new post here! What Daddy Duck Loves, Is Reading To His Baby!My Profile

  95. Roger says:

    Buyer beware.Try things out before buying.A lot of skanks and crooks
    hide anonymously on the Internet.

  96. sharon says:

    Not impressed at all. First it took way too long to receive my order. Second, the website made it appear as if my first order did not go through, so I tried again and ended up w 4, paying twice. Tried it out. Nothing was removed from my ears. Ear candling is still my preferred method of finding relief from bothersome ears. Hummmmm, what will I do with the other 3???

    • Dr. Elle says:

      Ear candling is has been thoroughly researched and studied, and proven time and again to NOT work. The debris you are seeing after candling is synthetic wax and debris directly from the candle and burning components itself. I wrote a lengthy comment above about a study I did on it in medical school. Lots of people continue to claim that it works, but it’s very black and white: it doesn’t. Scientifically speaking the burning would not even create a suction component that could even remove ear wax. Impossible.

  97. sam smith says:

    I ask do this Wax Vac dry the ear after using the shower?

  98. Dr. Elle says:

    Re: EAR CANDLING: I’ve replied to a couple of people but wanted to post a stand-alone comment. As a medical professional I urge you: Please do not get your ears “candled”. THIS DOES NOT WORK! There have been hundreds of studies, the results conclude time and again ear candling does not work, and can in fact, CAUSE damage. First off, it does not create suction like it claims. In fact, the amount of suction that would technically be able to remove wax would be so strong it would rupture an ear drum. Any product (including the Ear Vac) that claims it can suck out ear wax is a flat out lie. The “wax” you are seeing from ear candling is NOT wax from your ear. It is wax from the candle/soot and other debris from the burning. Take two ear candles and light. Put one in your ear, one on a table or surface (other than your ear). You will see the exact same “wax” that is supposedly from your ear also collects from any other surface.

    For those who continue to claim it works for them: You are experiencing a placebo effect. There is no argument. As I said countless medical studies (one I participated in myself in medical school) continue to prove it is a sham.

  99. snowbird says:

    when will these wax vacs be available at fleamarkets for $5 that is what I want to know

  100. snowbird Joe says:

    when will these wax vacs be availablea t fleamarkets for $5 that is what I want to know

  101. B Stump says:

    Was considering purchasing the wax vac. I’m not going to now. I will stick with peroxide and warm water.

  102. Howie Feltersnatch says:

    If you think ear candles work you’re retarded and shouldn’t be allowed out in polite society. Indeed, you should probably have corks applied to your forks so you don’t injure yourself.

    Not one medical study has shown they work and some first-year physics calculations show why they can’t provide enough suction to work as advertised.

  103. Jenna says:

    Good, objective review.
    And many thanks to the doctor who took the time to provide a detailed explanation of the reason why ear candling does not work (beyond just proclaiming that it is a scam, which is what it is). Dr. Dean Edell, the doctor that used to have a nationwide medical radio show until he recently retired, also
    completely exposed candling for the scam that it is. He also said it was dangerous. By the way, foot detoxing is another scam.

    It scares me that so many people fall for such things. Then again, maybe I should just find some scam product of my own and sell it to you dummies, and make a fortune. Like a fat vac. You hold it against your skin
    and vacuum the fat cells out of your pores.

  104. Mary says:

    The Wax Vac was a waste of money. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. It was useless!

  105. Roricka says:

    An enterprising lawyer could easily win a class-action lawsuit against these people. Not because WaxVac doesn’t work, but because they will send two and charge the extra seven bucks S&H, even if you order one over the phone. I called (877-885-4782) to complain and received a refund for my seven dollars, and was told I could keep the second unit. That’s not the point. How many people will just look at the packing list, which says “Main Offer”, the price of ten bucks, and ignore the S&H, which is $13.98? It’s clearly theft, even if they offer to pay it back, because it takes time to get the refund (and at my labor rate, technically not worth the ten minutes it took me.)

    By the way, I plan to use WaxVac to dry my ears after showering, NOT to remove excess wax. I suspect it will work fine. If not, I’ll come back here to report.

  106. Ocie says:

    I ordered the waxvac with the bonus one included and you only pay shipping and handling, what a joke ! I paid 44 + dollars and received 4 waxvac’s. ( two orders with bonus ) I didn’t get to upset at first because I decided to give a couple to my adult children, and then we tried them…… RIP OFF !!! They do nothing !!! I don’t think they should even be allowed to advertise these useless things !!! False advertisement !!!

  107. timothy kellner says:

    it is not worth the money it is a rip off

  108. Amanda Sue says:

    I told my boyfriend that it was probably a scam, but he still wanted one. His waxvac will be here in 4 days. im not excited about it after reading your review.
    (when will guys listen) -______-
    thanks for the review!!

  109. Ajay Sirohi says:

    Waxvac ear wax cleaning machines work very good.
    I have tested them personally and used my brain not to expect more suction power from these machines.
    If any ear cleaning machine have suction power more then these machines then those will damage the ear drums/membrane, nose and throat.
    Can you suck a football on carpet using the home vacuum cleaner?
    Will you buy a vacuum cleaner with very high suction power that will damage your carpet while cleaning it?
    If not then why will u want to have machine with high suction power that will damage your body?
    So just think what you are expecting from these machines!
    I don’t think anyone is looking for a machine to cause damage to ears, nose and throat.
    It don’t take to know rocket science to understand that these machines can not be made to suck hard wax from ear or wax size that is bigger then the hole of the machine.
    So to clean ears using these machines you have to make the ear wax soft by using any ear wax drops.
    It don’t take to learn rocket science to understand all these simple things.

    Ajay Sirohi.
    “Silent Dreams and Wishes”

  110. Joaks says:

    I have used ear candles and they DO WORK WONDERFULLY!!! I just bought this Wax Vac at work, but reading the negatives, think I will return it unused! Shouldn’t have to rig something to make it work!

    • Remmy says:

      please do not post false information about ear candeling working, it could mislead people. i too believed ear candeling worked until i actually looked into it. there have been literally hundreds of medical studies on them, every single one proving they DO NOT work, and scientifically speaking there is no way they could work! Burn an ear candle (without placing it in your ear) you will get the SAME result of all this “wax” coming out- it is wax and debris from the candle itself you are seeing. many people, including doctors, commented above about the dangers of ear candles and the proof they don’t work. they are aimed towards people whom are uneducated about how the body works, and you are literally throwing money away and potentially damaging your inner ear canal. (Also, if you claim they work great please let us know how your experience is different from every single scientific study that has been done proving what they really do). I just hate to see false info posted on a site that is supposed to be helping others. 🙁

  111. waxy dame says:

    try your local Walmart store. I just purchaed one WaxVac there. That way there is not shipping and handling.. Tape worked well.

  112. Tammy says:

    Thanks for honesty and insight in your review! I love you webpage cause you give honest reviews on products we all wonder about! I’ve used q-tips carefully on nieces and nephews to remove water after baths and or swimming I’ve found it truly helps avoid ear infections! Just wish had of known this with my children who suffered numerouus ear problems! Anyway I’m wondering if this could be used on an infant? Even the low suction would be more desirable for small ears right? If anyone can answer this I would reallyy appreciate it! As I’m expecting my firstt grandbaby in July and don’t want to hurt her with q-tips nor see her suffer ear infections! Thanks ! Sorry Ginny if this is too long for you to read! NOT!! Lol!

    • thriftymom613 says:

      I tried it on my 1 year old. It isn’t too powerful or anything to harm a baby, although the sound is a bit loud so it may scare them a bit.

  113. Corey Caponero says:

    We use poroxcide to get rid of the wax. It was recomended by a family doctor. We never use quitips at all. Wax buld up in Alberta can be bad, so the poroxcide works wonders (just a cap full, then drained into some kleanix).

  114. Debbie says:

    This product is worthless. Waste of money unless your ear wax is made of feathers and I’m not sure it would on that. The guy that invented this is laughing uncontrollable at the dumb people that are buying this. I bought and took it back

  115. Jane says:

    First of all…ear candeling DOES get wax out it even got gooy wax out of my ear and you can hear the friggen suction. Also ALL products have good and bad reviews. The wax vac works for some so if you wish to try it then try it and find out for yourself.

    • Trish says:

      In reply to Jane: “First of all…ear candeling DOES get wax out”…Really?! Can you explain to me how you managed to defy science and EVERY SINGLE STUDY EVER DONE that shows that ear candling absolutely does NOT work?! You claim it works because you can hear suction? Of course you can “hear” suction, but the problem is it’s been scientifically proven the amount of “suction” you would need for ear candling to work would rupture the ear drum. How can people even argue that this stuff works when theres so many articles and videos online by medical professionals and scientists meticulously taking apart ear candeling step by step, in a controlled environment, to show exactly what the “wax and buildup” you are seeing is (Hint: It’s NOT coming from your ear, but the contents of the candle itself). As PT Barnun said “There’s a sucker born every minute” (..and they’re the ones buying the magic ear candles!) RESEARCH PEOPLE, RESEARCH! This is YOUR health! xo Trish

  116. Barbara says:

    I bought this last week at Wal-Mart and it does not do anything. It does not work. I took the front part off to check the fan and it makes a great hand held fan. I kid you not. If they could make a bigger version of this they would make a fortune. I’ve been looking for battery operated fans and they just don’t have them. Otherwise this is a piece of junk in my opinion.

  117. Heather says:

    They sell the wax vac at almart for anyone who wants to try it with out getting scamed into oaying way extra I paid 12.99 and when I relized the product itself was a rip off and dosnt work at all I returned it and git a full refund for what I paid. Anythime ymthey have something on tv wait a couple weeks and check out walmart. They have tons of ” as seen on tv” stuff

  118. Darden says:

    don’t waste ur money on the wax vac,after leaving it in my ear for over 10 minutes water was still in my eAr,i still had to result to standing on one leg anhop around,and to top to it off I used a q-tip and YES IT WAS DIRTY… I did the same test they did on tv, it didn’t pick up water ,it didn’t it didn’t suck up little paper balls,however to give a little credit it did pick up cigg ashes smh.Whats up with the light I caNT LOOK IN MY OWN EAR,total waste of money TOTAL WASTE how is this even legal to sell garbage…

  119. Pana Sheeta says:

    Product DOES NOT work. Don’t waste your time or money.

  120. Mark Harris says:

    I was hopeful about this product when I saw it on TV, so am thankful for your website and reviews. The best thing I’ve found for removing wax is the Elephant Ear Washer. My ears get plugged up fairly regularly, and I put warm water in this and use it in the shower. I’m still researching the best mixture of water and other things (hydrogen peroxide didn’t really help).


  121. Danny says:

    What do you mean “tape around the seal”? Do I cover the vents?

  122. Vern says:

    this is a piece of garbage…..waste of money….useless…..do not buy this junk…..all it does is make noise…light does not work…and…absolutely….no suction….garbage….

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