Welcome (and explain!) the new seasons with Sevi Magnetic Play Sets!

“Mom, can we go to the pool this weekend?!” No sweetie, the pools are closed. “what?!  Why are they closed?!” Because summer is over. “Oh yay! does that mean it’s going to snow?! I love the snow!”

Ahh, the joys of a curious preschooler trying to decipher between the seasons. Now that autumn is officially upon us, I find myself constantly explaining the correct activities, clothing, weather expectations, upcoming holidays… it can be a daunting task with a four year old who wants to know it all, but hasn’t quite grasped the concept of season quite yet. Thanks to Sevi, Europe’s oldest wooden toy manufacturer (they have been around 184 years now!) I am now working to teach him everything he wants to know about the seasons. Sevi recently released an awesome line of magnetic play sets that include themes of seasons, circus, faces, fashion and more. And thanks to the American importer, Magicforest, we can purchase these fun sets for our little ones in the U.S. as well! We received the Magnetic Seasons play set and it’s a big hit around here!

magnetic seasons

Each of the magnetic play sets work to teach creativity, pretend play and even cooperative play. The magnetic seasons play set comes in a nice, compact box. when opened, the box contains four separate scenes (one for each season) along with 75 magnets that correspond with the seasons. There are magnets for everything from clothing for the characters on the scenes to animals, flowers, and even snowflakes for the winter.

magnetic seasons2

Parents can work with young children to visually teach them what each season entails. You can teach the blooming flowers in the spring, shorts in the summer, colorful leaves and pumpkins in the fall, and snowfall, hats and gloves in the winter. This is the perfect addition for any curious preschooler at home, in the classroom, or even to take on trips as a travel game to keep them occupied.

magnetic seasons3

Have two children? the scenes can stand up to have double sides, one for each child. Or they can lay flat. All magnets easily adhere to the boards and there is no “right or wrong” way to do it. Some pieces can be found in multiple seasons (another great learning experience!) or kids can just be silly and create their own fantasy scenes just for fun! Once they are finished, all of the pieces easily store back in the box, which folds up perfectly to fit on any shelf without taking up a ton of space.

magnetic seasons4

The Sevi magnetic play set has been the perfect addition to our learning and games closet and has been a big help when I need to explain that it is too cold or shorts, but no, the snow is not coming just yet! I see this being used many more times in the future and with the durability, I will easily be able to pass it down to a little cousin when we are done with it! You can find this set and others online as well as in specialty stores near you!


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