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Summer is quickly approaching. If you live in VA, you may already think it is here with these 90 degree days we have been having! I can’t say I am a big fan of the summer. Too may bugs, hot and sweaty days, and major sunburn on a regular basis. But, there is one thing I do love that just makes summer worth it… sweet, delicious fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, I could go on and on. I know you can buy them at the store year round, but in the summer they are just so fresh and ripe and you can even pick your own at may places! I am awaiting the opening of the berry patches now! Once they are opening, I will be creating one of my fave sweet treats over and over again! In the summer, nothing says perfect dessert like a slice of light, fluffy angel food cake topped with berries and cool whip! It’s a dessert even those watching their calorie intakes can enjoy!

sara lee dessert

I normally have to visit the store and pick up an angel food cake the day I decide to make the dessert so that it is fresh and still tastes great. That can be a pain sometimes because I like to plan ahead and hate last minute decisions!. So, I was rather excited when I was at Walmart recently and discovered that Sara Lee makes an angel food cake now! I have always loved the quality and taste of Sara Lee products and they are usually my go to for holiday desserts. I am NOT one of those mommas who can get her bake on in the kitchen. It would be a dramatic event for myself and my dinner guests, so I ted to stray towards Sara Lee to ensure everyone’s happiness! I picked up the angel food cake feeling pretty confident that I could plan a great dessert we could all enjoy with out Mother’s Day dinner.

sara lee

It comes frozen and nicely wrapped to ensure freshness.  You simply thaw and slice. I was able to take it out of the freezer yesterday and set it on my counter for the day to thaw. After dinner I pulled out the cool whip, some of my fave berries (I thawed some I had frozen for this, but I can not wait to do this again with our fresh picked fruits in a few weeks!) The cake was very easy to slice through and served up well. It looked and tasted almost identical to an angel food cake you would pick up from the bakery. The only difference I noticed is it was a bit more dense. It almost had a texture between an angel food cake and a pound cake. I am sure that is expected with freezing and thawing a cake. But the convenience and the great taste make it perfectly acceptable and an item I will be putting on our table pretty often!

sara lee angel food

Do you like angel food cake? What types of recipes do you create during the summer using this delicious, sweet treat? I am looking to get creative with our options this summer for the kids!

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