Which Francois et Mimi Bread Box is right for you?

When I was little, I always remember having a bread box. Not many people I know now days even now what they are. The first time I mentioned it to someone they were like “what the heck is a bread box?” Ours were always wooden and they took up a little more space then I’d probably ike them to now, but I missed having all the bread bags hidden and out of the way. Not to mention the cool dry storage seemed to keep bread fresh longer. So when I received TWO bread boxes from  Francois et Mimi I was beyond excited to see which I preferred best. Both are stainless steel and much smaller than the ones we have as kids, but they are different in multiple ways and each one would be perfect. The first I received is the  Francois et Mimi Roll Top Stainless Steep Bread Box.

bread box

This bread box is really nice. Made of stainless steel, it is a sleek, shiny look that fits in with many modern kitchens. It has a flat base and a simple roll top design. It easily fits a loaf of bread. While it boasts a large, spacious design, I feel it is lacking a little in the space. With the design of the top and the flattened base, trying to fit 2 full sized loaves of bread was impossible without smashing the front or even ripping a hole into the bag with the handle. If you buy the long loaves of breads in the bakery they may fit since they are made smaller, but normal grocery store bread will not. I love the overall look and this would be perfect for someone who doesn’t need a big storage space.

bread box 2

The second bread box I received was the Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Black Roll-top Bread Box. This bread box is constructed of stainless steel bottom with a modern, black roll top finish. It goes perfectly with stainless steel and/or black kitchen appliances and is an amazing storage piece.

bread box 4

This bread box also boasts a large size for storage, and is true to its word. With it’s base design, it is more sunken in and allows a deeper storage that the flat base of the stainless steel box above. There is also more curvature to the roll top adding even more space. I can easily fit 2 full loaves of bread into this. I have had a loaf of bread, 2 packs of english muffins and a package of rolls in this all at once with no issues of smashing the bread at all. This is absolutely my favorite of the two and has made such a difference helping me to keep my kitchen looking neat and organized!

bread box 3

Either of these boxes are a great choice. If you are looking for more storage space and less finger print smudges, the black roll top is the perfect choice. If you just want a modern, sleek design with minimal need for space, the stainless steel roll top would b a great addition to your kitchen. Either way, right now both at listed at $19.99 on Amazon and are an amazing deal!

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