Why I Chose a Boarding School For My Child

As a child, I wasn’t able to go to a boarding school but I did have three friends who all went off this type of education. I don’t think that my education ever held me back from success but seeing how my friends turned out, I have long been a supporter of this kind of educational choice. It was, for these reasons primarily, that I decided to send my girl to boarding school a decision which I have never regretted.

My second child is about to hit high school age and as such, I have been searching for the best boarding schools in southern California to see which suits him best. I have also been discussing with other parents the benefits of a boarding school education. I thought then, that I would share with you why I chose a boarding school for my children, and why you should too.

Character Growth

The biggest reason why I opted for a boarding school education was because of the way in which I saw my fiends grow in their confidence and their strength of character during their time at boarding school. I could see this change in my own child after just one year at school and she came back home a far more confident and responsible young girl than the one that left home some months beforehand. The way in which this type of education operates, coupled with the fact that your child must live away from home, really helps to boost the character growth of young boys and girls.

Educational Excellence

The high level of education which students receive at boarding schools simply cannot be ignored and it is a major reason why this is an option that parents must consider. Boarding schools pride themselves on the very best teachers, a broad and deep syllabus and students who constantly strive for excellence. My experience of boarding school education concurs with what these schools are aiming for and they can give your child the very best opportunities in their professional lives.

Outstanding Facilities

Boarding schools have the finances to be able to invest in far more areas of their school than state schools can and this means that their facilities are of the highest quality. Whether your child is looking to get involved in sports, the arts or even information technology, boarding school is a choice which will give them the very best opportunity to do this.

All-Inclusive Environment

Another wonderful feature about boarding schools is that the entire environment which your child will be surrounded by will be one of academia. Although there will of course be a social scene for your children to get involved in, the idea of living in the school is to give the students the focus and the dedication which they need, to get the absolute most from their education.

If you are making the choice for your child’s next educational step, boarding school is an option that deserves a lot of thought.

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