The Young Scientists Club, Clifford Animal Science Kit

As a stay at home mom, I always strive to teach my son as much as I can. I know he needs to learn so many things before he starts school and if I am not going to put him in preschool, I need to make sure he learns those things. So we put a lot of emphasis on making sure to learn something new every day. He is so young that his brain just absorbs everything! We have truly come to love the products offer by the Young Scientists Club. Their mission is to combine fun and learning to teach young children about the amazing world of science. And in our house, they have done just that. A few weeks ago we had a blast with food experiments with the Clifford Food Science Kit. We recently received another Clifford science kit and love it just as much! The Clifford Animal Science Kit was perfect for my boys.

clifford animal science

This fun kit includes lots of tools to engage your little ones in fun animal based activities. There are little plastic animals, a magnifying glass, stickers, window clings, a measuring cup (to make clay for molds!) and a little cup for housing insects along with a lab tray and instruction book with different activities you can try.

clifford animal science 2

We have had a blast learning about animals in many different ways. My oldest of course already knows this info, so he was able to help his brother out quite a bit. Why is kids listen to other kids better than adults?? They really loved the window clings and were able to learn about animal habitats, match animals to where they live and just have a little brother bonding time!

learning habitats

I loved the idea behind the insect house. We used to catch bugs when we were little and I love to do the same with my son. I have to admit, the cup included for the bugs is way too small, so we used our own jar. We had a blast catching lightning bugs at night and then using the magnifying glass to see them up close and watch them light up!

learning lightning bugs

The lab tray included with the kit has multiple uses. From making edible clay to molding animal paw prints. You can even fill it with water and birdseed and a few rocks to weight it down and watch the birds have a delicious treat and play in the water.

bird feeder

The Clifford Animal Science Kit from The Young Scientists Club is another perfect addition to our learning tools. With Summer here, we will have plenty of time to learn and we love having great products like this around to make it fun! The Young Scientists Club has won numerous awards this year for having such amazing products! You will definitely want to check them out and get your youngin’s in on learning fun! You can find them on FacebookTwitter and even Youtube!


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