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Holiday Gift Guide – Personalized Romance Novel

Do you have an avid reader on your Christmas list? Or maybe you love a good romance novel yourself. If so, is a site you will want to check out. There’s no secret that woman love a good romance novel. There is just something special about reading all the juicy details of someones life and getting lost in the pages. Now is your chance to kick it up a bit and actually be the star of your own personalized romance novel! No it won’t be about your life story per say, but it will have your name and some other personal details!

Upon visiting the site, you can choose from dozens of titles to fit any readers personality. These books take place all over the world from Africa to the Carribean and have story plots from detective work to stumbling upon vampires. Once you have chosen the book you want to star in you will complete a questionnaire. the questions range from you and your significant others names to physical features, best friends, hometowns, pet names, and even perfume choices to create a story as close to you as possible. Once the questionnaire is complete you can read an excerpt for an idea of what is to come. You are also able to choose between mild or wild versions. (pretty self explanatory there. The mild is still a romance novel but the descriptive, juicy details are a little more toned down)

These books come in hardback and paperback and can also be customize with a personal photo on the front for an extra fee. If you want to add a dedication to the book as well you can to give it the finishing touches. The shipping is pretty quick which is a plus because after reading the excerpts, you will be wanting to read more!

personalized romance novel

I received the book “Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales”. I have always been into vampiric tales so I thought it would be pretty fascinating to have my husband and I in the actual plot. I loved being able to make it seem real with all of our personal details (minus the fact that my husband has no hair and the books do not allow you to use ‘bald’ as a hair feature 😉  The three tales in this book are very tantalizing and keep you on your feet. It is a great “true love always prevails’ story plot with plenty of the juicy story plots you would expect from a vampire novel. I will definitely be checking out more stories from in the near future and that says a lot because I am not to big on reading anything outside of bedtime stories to my toddler!

Want a chance to star in your own romance novel? Check out the wonderful giveaway on my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways for you chance to win your choice of paperback personalized novel.

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