Zoobies Giveaway- #holidaygiftguide

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway- Zoobies

Winner will receive a Zoobies of their choice. Open to residents of the U.S.

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89 Responses to Zoobies Giveaway- #holidaygiftguide

  1. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I would choose Baby Tama the Tortoise for my 1 year old.

  2. debbie jackson says:

    tama the tortoise for brea debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  3. Jennifer Rote says:

    I’d get Patch the Pinto for my grandson.

  4. Melissa M says:

    I would get the growling dragon for my 2 year old

  5. Michelle H. says:

    I’d love Wyatt the Wolf for my granddaughter Dottie

  6. Ruben Ramos says:

    Furbie the Feline for niece

  7. brandy says:

    I would choose the tortoise for my nephew.

  8. Robyn says:

    Bubba the Black Bear.

  9. naomi c says:

    i like the book buddies

  10. Tracie Trump says:

    Love to have Lily the Ladybug for my niece Jillian, my fb is Michelle Trump and my email is tracietrump@yahoo.com

  11. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I Would choose the monkey for my son.

  12. Kelly D says:

    I like Poco the pup for my son

  13. thuy vu says:

    I would love the Zebra for my son.

  14. Donna L says:

    I like Poco the Pup for my grandson.

  15. Jeanna says:

    I would choose Zulu the Zebra!

  16. Jessica Rose says:

    Kojo the Croc for my cousin Brendan!

  17. Tabitha P. says:

    i’d love the Flavio the Frog

  18. Carolyn N. says:

    I like Patch the Pinto.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  19. Kathleen says:

    Furbie the Feline™ for my daughter

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  20. erica says:

    I would get bubba the black bear for my son

  21. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would pick Taj The Tiger for my nephew.

  22. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like the tortoise.
    Thanks for the chance.

  23. Steve Stone says:

    Kojo the Croc

  24. Rosanne says:

    I would pick the Hello Kitty for my granddaughter

  25. Autumn B. says:

    Draco the dragon & my 2 year old

  26. Tamar says:

    My daughter would love the Lilly the Ladybug.

  27. carol roberts says:

    growling dragon for my son

  28. Louis says:

    I love the Furbie the Feline™ for my daughters

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  29. Stephanie Larison says:

    The ladybug for my daughter, she’d love it!

  30. Kelly H. says:

    I would choose Puddles the pig for my daughter.

  31. Christine says:

    Patch the Pinto for my grandson

  32. Kristen says:

    I’d choose Gamba for my friend’s daughter.

  33. Kristy Thiel says:

    I’d get the monkey for my daughter!

  34. Becky Caldbeck Parker says:

    I would choose the turtle

  35. Amy O says:

    I like Hello Kitty for my daughter

  36. Heather Garcia says:

    Wyatt the Wolf

  37. Britt Brill says:

    I like the zebra!!

  38. Caryn S says:

    I would choose Bubba the Black BearTM for my son

  39. Kathleen Downes says:

    I’d choose Lola the Lamb for my son.

  40. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I’d get Cookie the Cow.

  41. Gennie Lancaster says:

    I would choose Posh the Poodle for my daughter!

  42. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    I like the Dot the Dalmatian for my 4 y/o son – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  43. Jennifer says:

    I love mashaka the monkey!

  44. Eileen Burke says:

    I would get Kojo the Croc for my son

  45. McKim says:

    I would choose Lencho the Lion for my little grandson.

  46. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I would pick Poco the Pup for my son.

  47. Patricia C. says:

    The giraffe is too cute!

  48. Gloria S says:

    I like Mashaka the Monkey

  49. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    Posh the PoodleTM
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  50. Debra Hall says:

    Kojo the Croc for my grandaughter

  51. SHAYNA says:



  52. jennifer bowen says:

    i go with any one of them but my girl she loves the unicorn and pig

  53. NeKisha says:

    I really like Lilly the Ladybug or Jafaru the Giraffe for my daughter.

  54. Cassandra McCann says:

    Flavio the Frog™

    i would gift this to my kids they will not have a big christmas this year

  55. Padma Miller says:

    unicorn for my daughter

  56. Gianna says:

    Furbie the feline for my daughter.

  57. Rich Hicks says:

    Jafaru the Giraffe™ for our son!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  58. Jennifer R says:

    I would choose Baby Ellema the Elephant for my son.

  59. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I would get zulu the zebra for my son.

  60. Lisa Garner says:

    I would choose Uriel the Unicorn for my daughter.

  61. Saver Sara says:

    Kojo the Croc™

  62. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Patch for my nephew

  63. amy deeter says:

    Patch the Pinto for my daughter

  64. mary farley says:

    olivia the pig for my baby girl

  65. Nicole C. says:

    I would choose Wyatt the Wolf for my daughter.

  66. Julie Jones says:

    Furbie the Feline is totally cute.

  67. kathy pease says:

    i like Poco the Pup™

  68. melina r says:

    Hada the Hippo

  69. Amy DeLong says:

    the pink hippo

  70. susan smoaks says:

    i would get lencho the lion

  71. Rochel S says:

    Kojo the Croc!

  72. Sherri B. says:

    I would get Poco The Pup for my BFs adorable son, Noah…he is a love bug!

  73. Trisha McKee says:

    Lily the ladybug for my daughter.

  74. Vikki Billings says:

    I would choose the Baby Tama the Tortoise and it would be for my granddaughter.

  75. jennifer couch says:

    My daughter loves anything that is dog related. She is 7 and would love, love, love this!

  76. Debbie Moon says:

    Uriel the Unicorn

  77. shirley zolenski says:

    I like zulu the zebra

  78. Tanya White says:

    I would pick the zebra

  79. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    The Slumber Furbie the Feline for my daughter

  80. meme says:

    I like Jarafu the Giraffe

  81. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I’d get Kojo the croc.

  82. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    I would get the very hungry caterpillar for my niece!

  83. Samantha Meyer says:

    I love Gamba the Gazelle, sooooo cute!!!

  84. sindy murray says:

    I like Clifford!!

  85. Taryn Pasco says:

    I’d want to get my daughter Zulu the Zebra!

  86. Michelle Tucker says:

    Flavio the Frog…for me because I collect frogs:)

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